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KORAMIC Clay roof tiles

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The KORAMIC range includes over 25 different types of roof tiles and related accessories in over 50 colours.

Koramic roof tiles

The KORAMIC range has over 25 different types of roof tile, including

  • Beavertile
  • Plain tile
  • Flat interlockingtile
  • Flemish tile
  • Interlockingpantile
  • Monk &nun tile
  • Romane tile


Everything is possible, because Koramic clay roof tiles come in a wide range of shapes and sizes: high-quality renovations acquire added value through the use of clay roof tiles with an aged appearance, but totally modern qualities, while traditional buildings demand a more classic Flemishroof tiles, a southern European style of construction is made perfect only with a Romane tile, while the flat roof tile accentuates strong, modern architecture.


Model range

Koramic clay roof tiles
Koramic clay roof tiles

The look of a roof is decided by more than just the shape - a decisive role is also played by the surface of the roof tile.KORAMIC clay roof tiles come with a range of surfaces:

  • natural
  • engobed
  • glazed
  • sanded


Depending on the demand for colour effects and surface treatments such as engobing or glazing roof tiles are given a matt or satin sheen finish. This gives the building owner and architect enormous freedom for creating a unique solution usingKORAMIC clay roof tiles, adjusted to the style, surroundings, specific wishes and the available budget.


Different surface treatments

Koramic clay roof tiles
Koramic clay roof tiles

The colour makes the music! Koramic roof tiles are offered in a total of more than 50 different colours. Naturally, the related accessories are also produced in the chosen colour.


Colour palette

To see the current range of products on offer, please select the relevant country site by clicking on the link below.

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