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The new generation: POROTHERM flat clay block

The next generation - flat clay block

Verarbeitung Planziegel
Verarbeitung Planziegel
  • Systematic construction: The heat optimised POROTHERM clay blocks are ground flat on both sides in a computer-controlled process. Bricklaying is precise, simple and quick. The use of just 1 mmspecial mortar ensures optimalthermal insulationand minimal damp; the basic building is virtually dry and ready to move into earlier.
  • Quick and simple use: The special mortar is applied with a roller; afterwards, the flat clay blocks are simply placed onto each other one by one. In addition to quick handling and the rapid progress of construction, the mortar allows up to 10,000 litres of wet mortar to be saved on an average single-family house, thereby reducing the humidity in the brickwork.
  • Precise and clean brickwork: Using the POROTHERM flat clay block system for all external and internal walls allows visually perfect, clean and stainless brickwork to be erected. A basic flat clay block construction has a high-quality appearance, even from a distance.


  • Please refer to the respective national sites for the specific product selection.

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