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POROTHERM clay blocks for exterior walls

There are four variants for external walls made of clay blocks

Monolithische Wand
Monolithische Wand

The monolithic external wall
consists of just one wall construction material (other than plaster and mortar). Here, the POROTHORMclay blockfulfils the requirements forthermal insulation, sound insulation, fire protection and static as well as ensuring a pleasant indoor climate.

Zweischalige Wand mit Sichtziegel
Zweischalige Wand mit Sichtziegel

The cavity wall with facing bricks
This type of cavity wall is one of the most important external wall constructions in many European countries.
The logical separation of the external wall by function into:

  • a load-bearingclay blockwall
  • a thermal insulation layer incl. back ventilation
  • a façade made from facing bricks

allows the outstanding properties of the load-bearingclay blockwall and the facing bricks to be fully exploited.


Zweischalige Wand verputzt
Zweischalige Wand verputzt

The cavity wall with a plaster façade
In this type of cavity wall construction, the façade is not made of facing bricks, but of plastered 10 or 12 cm POROTHERM clay block.

Zusatzgedämmte Wand
Zusatzgedämmte Wand

The external wall with additional thermal insulation
An additional layer of thermal insulation is applied externally to a load-bearing POROTHERM clay block wall. In a construction with additional heat insulation, the POROTHERM clay block takes over not only the static functions, but also those of sound insulation and heat storage.



  • Please refer to the respective national sites for the specific product selection.
  • POROTHERM clay blocks are produced and sold in Germany under the brand name POROTON from Wienerberger. Look for “POROTON von Wienerberger”!

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