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TERCA bricks

Under the brand TERCA, Wienerberger offers a diverse range of facing bricks and pavers. Our products are unique - like the people who live there.


Hardly any other material offers such a rich selection of colours, shapes and surface textures as brick. TERCA bricksalways have a very special character. They convey warmth, security, closeness and trust.

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TERCA product overview

Under the TERCA brand, Wienerberger offers a diverse selection of facing bricks,engineering bricks and paving bricks. This extensive selection opens up unlimited possibilities in the design of facades, surfaces, paths, courtyards and gardens.

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Projects and references

In buildings, facades and as paving bricks, TERCA bricks merge into a unified architectural aesthetic. Enthralling brick architecture can be created, spaces full of flair and ambience.

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