Personnel policies & development

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Our personnel policies are based on the promotion of our own "human capital".

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The Group' s personnel policies with the main pillars of personnel development are only coordinated centrally for management: Internal identification and support of future managers, preparation of talents for management positions and dealing with new trends of leadership for our top-management.

Personnel policies

International competition, a declining number of university graduates, and demographic developments will make it more difficult to recruit top talents in the coming years. We plan to solve this problem by identifying our managers of the future within the company and giving these people a chance to grow and develop with us. Therefore Wienerberger offers promising talents an opportunity to prepare for management positions by participating in a special seminar series.

Future Management Programme

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Seminars and workshops for the top management of the Wienerberger Group focus on topics as strategy-depelopment, leadership and new trends in management.


Personnel policy is a key responsibility of our operating management, and our major group companies act with a substantial degree of independence in this area. Regional focal points have been established for training and continuing education, and external and internal seminars for sales personnel help us to continually improve our customer orientation. Individual programs are also offered in the engineering, information technology, and production areas.

Personnel policies in operating companies

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