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Documenting change and initiating discussions

INSIGHTS – The Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection

Wienerberger Photography Collection: Andrew Phelps, 2017
Wienerberger Photography Collection: Andrew Phelps, 2017Andrew Phelps, 2017
Within the framework of INSIGHTS, the Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection, Wienerberger offers young European photographers a chance to travel. Every year, a number of artists are invited to work on a freely chosen aspect of the company and to develop artistic projects. The primary focus is on the documentation of architecture and infrastructure. However, topics such as production, the way natural resources and other materials are used, or the people within and around the company are also addressed, the objective being to provide a deep insight into the company and its activities.
Wienerberger Photography Collection: Miklos Gaal, 2016
Wienerberger Photography Collection: Miklos Gaal, 2016Miklos Gaal, 2016
Founded in 1819, Wienerberger soon became one of the world’s leading brick manufacturers. However, producing bricks was not the only core competence of the company at that time: Wienerberger also played a leading role in the production of ceramic art. Hence, taking a look at the company’s products and its operations from an artist’s point of view is nothing new for Wienerberger. It has been in the company’s DNA for a long time. In 2012, Wienerberger revived this component of its heritage and reaffirmed its commitment to art.
Heimo Scheuch, CEO of Wienerberger AG, commenting the collection:
“We are extremely proud of this collection, as it builds a bridge between art and our operational business, and it enables us to record changes and document progress. Viewing the industry from different perspectives creates new mental spaces and provides room for intellectual discourse.”
Wienerberger Photography Collection: Markus Krottendorfer, 2016
Wienerberger Photography Collection: Markus Krottendorfer, 2016Markus Krottendorfer, 2016
The unique feature of Wienerberger’s art collection is that it exclusively comprises projects that have been commissioned; no existing works of art have been purchased. The focus is on promoting and supporting young artists and on the creation of new works of art. For many artists, the art projects are not finished after their work with Wienerberger. A large number of projects have met with a strong response on the international art scene and are featured in renowned art magazines, publications, exhibitions and international awards ceremonies.

Since the inception of the collection, 23 projects have been created with around 190 works by 20 artists in 25 countries. The collection is being curated by Valerie Loudon and Moritz Stipsicz. With their "Büro für Kunst" they select the photographers for the art projects in cooperation with Wienerberger.

Art projects 2017

Wienerberger Photography Collection: Joanna Pietrowska, 2017
Wienerberger Photography Collection: Joanna Pietrowska, 2017Joanna Pietrowska, 2017
Last year, Wienerberger again sent young artists out into the world. A total of 7 projects were created by 8 artists in 9 countries. Their trips took the commissioned artists to Norway, Russia, America, Italy, Denmark, Poland, Great Britain, Slovenia and Slovakia.
The photographs they came back with range from cross-generational family portraits of Russian colleagues working at Kiprevo to three-dimensional works of art on modernist Danish architecture to a series of portraits showing people in self-made shelters in Warsaw.

Art lovers watch out!

INSIGHTS, Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection
INSIGHTS, Wienerberger Contemporary Photography CollectionINSIGHTS, Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection
INSIGHTS – Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection: This is the title of the first publication featuring this collection of photo art.
Art lovers and connaisseurs get their money's worth.  On 126 pages, the reader is immersed in the artistic discourse of young European photographers with the Wienerberger Group and its environment. In addition to numerous works from the collection of photographic art and informative background information, the publication contains an exciting exchange of ideas between Heimo Scheuch and Christoph Thun Hohenstein, Director General of the Museum of Applied Arts in Vienna. Why should an industrial company get involved with contemporary art? What new perspectives can arise from the projects? And what are the opportunities arising for artists? These and many other questions were taken up in the conversation.

The book was published in cooperation with the renowned German Kehrer Kunstverland and “Büro für Kunst” in October 2017.

View the book at:
The book can be ordered in the online shop of Kehrer Verlag at:

Learn more about the Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection in the attached information leaflet.
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