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Construction site, bird's eye view, blue cranes, trees
© KME Studios

Smart Solutions: wienerberger Product World

As pioneers in the building materials industry, we embrace innovation and digitalization. Learn more about the products and solutions from wienerberger.

The connection between innovation and experience is the key to our success. As a driving force behind the industry, we are using the opportunities presented by digitalization: We are combining new ideas and developing cutting-edge technology for new builds, renovations and infrastructure. This enables you to build quickly, yet in a way that is also affordable and resource-efficient. This benefits wienerberger’s partners at all stages of the production line. 

Innovations for a better future

With smart solutions for infrastructure and building materials, wienerberger is shaping future cities and homes. We are improving people’s quality of life by providing safe living spaces, for example with safe access to water, electricity and gas. We are developing sustainable products and concepts for buildings and community infrastructures in our three areas of activity (bricks, pipe systems and pavements).

  • 153,000 houses built © Wienerberger Österreich GmbH
  • house with black roof tiles © Andreas Hafenscher
  • paved surface and grace between office buildings © KME Studios
  • Long Length HDPE pipes in turquoise sea, ship, beach © KME Studios

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