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Vitrified Clay Pipes for Sustainable Sewer Systems

Robust, resilient and easy to maintain – ceramic pipes from Steinzeug-Keramo are well suited to modern sewer systems.

ceramic pipes on stockyard, fork lift © Steinzeug-Keramo

Vitrified clay pipes from the Wienerberger subsidiary Steinzeug-Keramo are built to ensure the economical, safe and sustainable disposal of waste water. With their fantastic material properties, they meet all of the requirements for modern sewage systems. These systems have been used in municipal and industrial drainage solutions, as well as in residential, commercial and public buildings.

Wienerberger product solutions: ceramic pipes for sewage solutions

The ceramic pipes are manufactured using the latest process engineering. They are robust, environmentally friendly and low-maintenance. They are also capable of resisting chemically potent waste water. Their life cycle is estimated to be more than 150 years. Steinzeug-Keramo offers pipe systems for private and public construction: the range on offer varies from vitrified clay pipes and fittings to shafts and matching accessories.

A particular strength of the products is their sustainability. They are made exclusively of natural and recyclable raw materials. Steinzeug-Keramo is currently the only supplier that is certified for the whole product cycle under the strict criteria of Cradle to Cradle® as both a manufacturer and for a complete range of vitrified clay pipes and fittings. The parts used are 100% recyclable after use. This is confirmed by tests conducted by independent institutes.


  • ceramic pipes, blue sky © Steinzeug-Keramo
  • Forklift truck lifts ceramic pipe, ceramic pipes lie on storage yard © Steinzeug-Keramo


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Wienerberger subsidiary Steinzeug-Keramo: from Germany and Belgium to all around the globe

The Wienerberger subsidiary Steinzeug-Keramo is Europe’s largest manufacturer of vitrified clay pipes and fittings for sewage systems. Ceramic pipe systems that are used worldwide are produced in plants in Germany and Belgium.

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