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Facing Bricks Add Character to Buildings

Modern façades with distinctive aesthetics – facing bricks from Wienerberger give buildings a unique look and are weather resistant.

House with brick facade, brown round door, green tree © Alan Williams

Architecturally appealing façades can characterize the aesthetics of a building. Wienerberger’s façade solutions offer a distinctive design and ensure that residents are well protected from the elements. Architects, planners, builders and craftsmen all benefit from a wide range of facing bricks with different sizes, colors and surface finishes.

Wienerberger product solutions: facing bricks for façades

Wienerberger facing bricks offer efficient and sustainable façade solutions. These bricks adorn private detached and semi-detached houses as well as multi-story commercial or public buildings. In addition, they are breathable, stay durable and protect the shell of building from adverse weather conditions such as acid rain or frost. This benefits homeowners: you save on high maintenance or refurbishment costs that may arise years down the line.

Bricklayers use Wienerberger facing bricks to craft architecturally appealing façades. Clinkers bricks are another highly used design element. These thin brick discs are stuck to the masonry or the inner wall from the outside and are then grouted. Our single-story prefabricated components offer an efficient solution for rapid construction. This economical method of construction means that modern brick architecture is now commonly used for hospitals, schools, factories and offices.


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Wienerberger brands: leader in Europe, strong in the USA

Thanks to the Terca brand, Wienerberger is the number one company in the European market for facing bricks. In addition, with our Argeton brand, we offer ceramic façade tiles for modern and elegant façades. We enjoy success in North America – the USA and Canada – where we are proudly represented by the brands General Shale and Arriscraft.

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