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A Wide Range of Open Space Designs

Unique and creative. Great artistic potential is what makes Wienerberger’s concrete and clay pavements so popular.

paved forecourt main station vienna © Semmelrock

From pedestrian zones in towns, to public spaces in train stations or airports, to private terraces or gardens, Wienerberger’s concrete and clay pavements set the bar high when it comes to designing open spaces. Through the use of innovative technology (for example special surface protection for our concrete slabs) we are continuously expanding our offers to architects and builders, as well as garden designers and landscapers.

Wienerberger product solutions: creating new spaces for generations

Wienerberger products and solutions meet the highest design and quality standards. Clients are able to choose from a vast array of different formats, colors and surfaces: from modern to classical styles, or from a finely polished look to a natural, matt finish. The pavements are sustainable, reliable, low-maintenance and weather resistant. This is why they are perfectly suited for outdoor use.

Wienerberger’s concrete pavements are made from paving stones and concrete slabs. We also design walls, fencing systems, steps, palisades and enclosures, as well as extensive infrastructure programmes. Clay paving bricks give open spaces a special charm. This material has a long tradition, especially in Germany, Great Britain, Belgium and the Netherlands.

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Wienerberger brands: the top pavements in Europe

Wienerberger’s subsidiary company Semmelrock is the leading brand for concrete pavements in central and eastern Europe. The company has been setting the benchmark for design and technology for over 60 years. Wienerberger also offers a wide range of products for paving bricks and terrace tiles under the brand Penter.

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