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Plastic Pipes to Ensure Safe Supply

Pipelife’s Plastic Pipes act as important life lines, as they provide a reliable supply of water and energy to cities and people.

plastic pipes in water, reeds, sunrise © Pipelife

From providing electricity for your home, to sewage systems, to irrigation, Pipelife’s Plastic Pipes guarantee the supply of water and energy to millions of people. The products and solutions from Wienerberger's subsidiary company are safe and durable. They have proven to be a success in residential houses as well as in office or administrative buildings. Even the agricultural and the industrial sectors rely on our expertise.

Wienerberger Product Solutions: plastic pipes for many areas

The solutions range from sewage disposal and rainwater drainage, to sanitation and heating technology, to supplying energy, gas and drinking water. Pipelife offers a wide range of pipes, pipe systems and pipe fittings made from high-quality plastics. More than 10,000 products in the range can easily be combined, with convenient accessories to help you do this.

The “Long Length Large Diameter” (LLLD) pipes are the longest and largest continuous extruded Plastic Pipes in the world. This makes Pipelife the only manufacturer of pipes that have a diameter of up to 2.5 meters and can reach up to 600 meters in length. The pipes are sent straight into the sea, where they are cooled in a way that conserves resources before they are subsequently transported to their destination by a tugboat.

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Wienerberger’s Subsidiary Pipelife: providing infrastructure solutions is one of our strengths

Wienerberger’s subsidiary Pipelife is one of the world’s leading producers of plastic pipe systems. The company is present in 26 countries in Europe and the USA. Pipelife is therefore one of Wienerberger’s most important pillars where infrastructure is concerned.

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