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Clay Roof Tiles Combine Protection With Design

Whether it is for a new build, renovation work or the preservation of historical monuments, Wienerberger’s clay roof tiles offer a wide range of possibilities for designing roofs and façades.

house with black roof tiles, green lawn, blue sky © Wienerberger Österreich GmbH

From pitched to flat sloping roofs, Wienerberger’s clay roof tiles are a very popular architectural design feature. They are perfect for sophisticated, modern, residential buildings, as well as for the renovation of historical or listed buildings. With Wienerberger’s new generation of roof tiles, façades and roofs now have smart designs and uniform appearances.

Wienerberger Product Solutions: clay roof tiles for every need

Roofs made from clay roof tiles offer the best protection for houses against weather and wet conditions. They are durable, cost-efficient and their color does not fade over time. Architects, designers and clients benefit from a wide selection of shapes, colors and sizes. At Wienerberger, you will find the right model to meet every design and functional need. Our range extends from varnished, refined, flat bricks, or those with an engobe finish, to more traditional, flat, roof tiles.

Wienerberger’s system solutions, along with their matching components, make working easier for roofers. These additional components can include roofing underlays, insulating material or other accessories, such as the Sturmfix 2.0 Wind Protection for example. We are continuously expanding our range for our customers and our partners. Furthermore, we are developing a variety of solutions tailored specifically to local needs. An example of this is our online calculator tool that can be used for designing roofs in the British market.

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Wienerberger’s Brands: the best clay roof tiles in Europe

Wienerberger is Europe’s largest clay roof tile manufacturer. In western Europe, our clay roof tiles are sold under the brand Koramic. On the British market, we are represented by the brand Sandtoft. In addition to this, we are present in central and south-east Europe through the brand Tondach.

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