Bees flying to their beehive

Wienerberger is committed to biodiversity and celebrates World Bee Day

Bees are vital for preserving our ecological balance, our plants and our food supply. Wienerberger is therefore proud to support biodiversity worldwide by setting up bee hotels and beehives in the regions where it has a presence. Staff at headquarters were buzzing with enthusiasm as they marked World Bee Day by gaining some insights into the wonderful world of bees.


Biodiversity encompasses the variety of ecosystems, the vast number of species of plants and animals, and genetic diversity. Together with the circular economy and decarbonization, it is a key pillar of Wienerberger’s Sustainability Strategy 2023. This reflects Wienerberger’s support for the European Green Deal.

Bees on Wienerberger’s roof

Since early 2020 there’s been no missing the humming and buzzing on the roof of Wienerberger’s headquarters in Biotope City on the southern periphery of Vienna. This is because 10 beehives with approximately 500,000 honeybees have been installed on the flat roof of the sustainable brick building. The bees can start their foraging flights in the midst of the Wienerberg nature preserve and pollinate plants as they do so. By adding beehives to its rooftop, Wienerberger is sending out a clear message about the importance of biodiversity. Read more here: Waggle dance: This is how Wienerberger is promoting biodiversity.

Wienerberger’s activities are also contributing to the European Biodiversity Strategy 2030, which includes a commitment to reverse the decline of pollinators. All the more reason to mark the international day of the bee by taking a closer look at this and other projects.

Video: Biodiversity in practice at Wienerberger

Wienerberger Bee Day Wienerberger AG

From delivering suitable materials for sustainable homes to bee hotels in Pipelife pipes: restoring biodiversity plays an important role at Wienerberger.

World Bee Day: urgent protection for bees

In 2018 the United Nations designated May 20 as World Bee Day to raise awareness of the acute threats facing honeybees, wild bees and their habitats. The insects are not just essential for pollinating plants - they also play a vital role for our food supply and our health. For this reason, Wienerberger celebrated this year’s World Bee Day by offering staff a guided tour to see the bees living on the main terrace of its headquarters. From the safety of the glass doors to the terrace, the lucky visitors were able to watch master beekeeper Kathrin Hischenhuber and her colleague David Graham open one of the hives and then had the opportunity to ask questions.

World Bee Day at Wienerberger

Learn more about the world of bees directly from master beekeeper Kathrin Hischenhuber:

Someone holding a honeycomb with bees on it Wienerberger AG

On this year’s World Bee Day, staff members had the opportunity to obtain valuable first-hand information on the wonderful world of bees from the beekeepers on the roof of Wienerberger’s headquarters.

Wienerberger takes conservation extremely seriously and minimizes the impacts of its raw materials extraction and production. Yet in the future, the company will take its activities a step further and become still more proactive in its efforts to preserve biodiversity on an even broader front. In this way, Wienerberger can make a positive contribution to restoring biodiversity.

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How we Live ESG at Wienerberger

Cut emissions, recycle products, help others: Wienerberger has ambitious environmental, social, and corporate governance goals.

Waggle dance: This is how Wienerberger is promoting biodiversity

By introducing bees to the roof of its headquarters, Wienerberger is taking a stand for the environment. The project will strengthen biodiversity in the Wienerberg nature preserve.
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Sustainability at Wienerberger

Sustainable solutions require a look at the bigger picture.