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It takes no more than 48 hours - and you will be walking through your own house

Wienerberger takes home builders on a virtual reality tour through their dream house.

Uwe Strasser

Do you know the problem? You are sitting in front of a 2D plan, trying to visualize if this is the right sport for the dining table or if there will be enough light at your desk?

From now on, this is no longer an issue for customers of Wienerberger’s Massivwerthaus partners. Thanks to Virtual Reality (VR), they can now walk around in their dream house even before construction begins. Wienerberger’s Austrian subsidiary, Wienerberger Österreich GmbH, has developed a virtual reality app together with moxVR, a start-up based in Linz and known from the Puls 4 start-up show "2 Minutes 2 Million”. With this application, future home owners can experience the virtual realization of their individual home design.

What seems like magic is quite simple. The Massivwerthaus partner sends the design drawings to Wienerberger, and 48 hours later the customer is taken on a virtual reality tour of his future home. All it takes is virtual reality goggles with a smartphone headset and the respective app. The virtual design comes at a price of € 400 per house, and the corresponding VR goggles cost € 25.

The Virtual Reality app is very well received by our customers. Digitalization and the improvement of our products and solutions are top priorities on our agenda. Thanks to VR technology, we can now offer our customers an even better service"

Mike Bucher

Mike Bucher

Managing Director of Wienerberger Österreich GmbH, commenting on the launch of the app

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