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The wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023

Decarbonization, the circular economy, and biodiversity: These are the environmental pillars of wienerberger’s Sustainability Program 2023.

Two cows on a green meadow in front of a brick factory © Marjolein den Hartog

Our sustainability strategy is part of wienerberger’s corporate strategy. The wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023 comprises measurable ESG (environmental, social, governance) targets and measures. It takes current ecological, social, and societal requirements into account.

Decarbonization, circular economy, and biodiversity

Based on three environmental pillars, the wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023 translates the European Green Deal into reality. In this program, we have set ourselves ambitious targets for decarbonization, the circular economy, and biodiversity. For years, we have been consistently pursuing the goal of improving people’s quality of life and promoting environmental protection. We are convinced that with additional efforts, enhanced know-how, and further investments we can do even more.

The road to the future: five core topics

The wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023 replaces our Sustainability Roadmap 2020. We have therefore analyzed our value chains and identified five core topics: climate & energy, the circular economy, biodiversity & environment, employees, and business ethics & social impacts. In the course of our subsequent materiality analysis, we also involved our stakeholders.

Our key areas