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Corporate Governance

Through the development of the Austrian Corporate Governance Code a set of guidelines was created in line with international standards for responsible management and leadership of companies in Austria.

Corporate Governance Code

Austrian capital market underscores high standard with Corporate Governance Code

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Code of Conduct for Lobbying Activities

Pursuant to the Austrian Lobbying Act, lobbying activities by Wienerberger are subject to the following Code of Conduct

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Corporate Governance Report

Committment to the Corporate Governance Code

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Corporate Governance Evaluation

The auditor's evaluation of compliance with the rules of the Code and the correctness of our announcement did not lead to any objections over the compliance of our public declarations with the code.

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Information on the Supervisory Board

Rules of Procedure, Responsibilities and Criteria of independence of the Supervisory Board

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Remuneration Report

The remuneration report summarizes the principles that are used to determine the remuneration for the Managing and Supervisory Boards of Wienerberger AG, provides details on the amount and structures of the payments to these persons and includes data on the number of shares owned by members of the Managing and Supervisory Boards.

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Directors' Holdings

Managing and Supervisory Board voluntarily disclose holdings in shares

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Managers' Transactions

Changes in numbers of shares held by the Management Board and Supervisory Board

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Financial Reports

Here you find our financial reports for download.

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Articles of Association

Enclosed please find our Articles of Association as of May 2017.

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Internal Control System

Internal control system is a comprehensive tool for management

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