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Wienerberger is listed with 117.5 million shares and is one of the largest publicly traded companies in Austria


The Wienerberger Share


Wienerberger AG is listed in the Prime Market of the Vienna Stock Exchange with 117.5 million no-par-value common shares (bearer shares).There are no preferred or registered shares and no restrictions on common shares. The “one share – one vote” principle applies in full. In the USA, Wienerberger AG trades on the OTC market through an ADR Level 1 Program of the Bank of New York. With a market capitalization of € 1,938.6 million and a weighting of 5% in the ATX at the end of 2016, Wienerberger is one of the largest exchange-listed companies in Austria.




Investor Relations Officer: Klaus Ofner
Shareholders' Hotline: +43 1 601 92 10221


Share Data


Vienna Stock Exchange: WIE
Thomson Reuters: WBSV.VI
Bloomberg: WIE AV
Datastream: O: WNBA
ADR Level 1: WBRBY
ISIN: AT0000831706


Trading Volume 2016


In the broader ATX Prime segment, the share turnover and the trading volume (purchases and sales according to double-count method) decreased by 4 % and 6 %, respectively, from the previous year’s level. Despite lower liquidity in stock exchange trade, the ATX Prime increased by 8.1 % in the course of 2016, mainly as a result of significant price gains of high-weighted index stocks from the energy and steel sectors.

The Wienerberger share experienced a development to the contrary in the reporting year, with the share turnover and the number of shares traded up by 24 % each. With a total of 154.8 million shares traded (double count), the turnover factor of Wienerberger’s outstanding share capital at the Vienna Stock Exchange was 0.7. Over-the- counter sales on the Vienna market amounted to € 146.4 million (single count), down by 7 % from the previous year’s value.



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