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The Wienerberger Product World

Our broadly diversified product portfolio is used in new residential construction, in renovation and in infrastructure construction by the private and public sector

Produktwelt von Wienerberger
Produktwelt von Wienerberger
We focus on those fields of activity in which we rank among the best worldwide: bricks for walls (clay blocks), roofs (roof tiles) and facades (facing bricks) as well as plastic and ceramic pipe systems and pavers made of concrete and clay.

A town every year and 16 times around the world

Each year a city is built from Wienerberger Products
Productionperformance with Wienerberger Products
Did you know that about 167,000 houses are built with Wienerberger products every year? This corresponds, more or less, to a small town. Moreover, our products annually serve to cover 293,000 roofs and pave a surface of 12,000,000 m². 648,000 kilometers of pipes are laid every year, enough to go around the world 16 times.
Wienerberger AG supplies high-quality building material and infrastructure solutions for the construction industry and for private customers.

Overview of our market positions:

Wienerberger is a leading supplier of building material and infrastructure solutions
Marketpositions of the Wienerberger Product Solutions
Product solutions by Wienerberger rank among the best worldwide in the building material and infrastructure sectors.
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