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Wienerberger publishes 2016 Sustainability Report

Essential contribution through "Smart Solutions"

Sustainability Report 2016 - Image
Sustainability Report 2016 - Image
- Entire value creation process of the Wienerberger Group reflected
- Essential fields of activity presented for the Group as a whole
- Ambitious targets set in Wienerberger's Sustainability Roadmap 2020

Vienna, 29 June 2017 - Wienerberger AG today publishes its 2016 Sustainability Report. In accordance with the GRI G4 Core Guidelines, the "Smart Solutions" report focuses on ongoing developments, presenting current non-financial parameters and outlining further steps to be taken in the implementation of the Wienerberger Sustainability Roadmap 2020. This roadmap represents a deliberate, self-imposed obligation to continuously improve the company's ecological, social and societal performance; it sets out ambitious targets which are being consistently pursued by the Group. What is new this year is that the report reflects the entire value creation process of the Wienerberger Group and summarizes its essential fields of activity. With this report, Wienerberger provides a transparent overview of where the company stands today on its path into the future.


Essential contribution through "Smart Solutions"
As the technology and innovation leader in the construction sector, Wienerberger considers its duty to address the worldwide challenges we currently face, such as climate change, the shortage of resources, humane working conditions, urbanization and demographic change, and to contribute to positive solutions. The essential point for Wienerberger is to put the right questions - and to find the right answers: with "Smart Solutions" for tomorrow's buildings and infrastructure.


Holistic management approach as the basis of corporate success
"We are convinced that, in the long run, companies acting in full awareness of their responsibility, contributing to the improvement of people's quality of life today and ensuring the wellbeing of future generations, will be among the more successful ones", says Heimo Scheuch, Chairman of the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG, outlining that it is the company's clear strategy to take into account financial as well as non-financial criteria. Wienerberger AG's successful development in recent years has been based on a holistic management approach. Alongside financial targets, human, social and ecological aspects are considered in corporate decisions.


Sustainability Report available as a microsite and an interactive pdf
The Wienerberger 2016 Sustainability Report is available as an interactive pdf under Printed copies can be ordered via the Wienerberger website: The principles of Wienerberger's sustainability management continue to apply in the long term and are published on the website of Wienerberger AG at


For further information, please contact:
Karin Steinbichler, Head of Corporate Communications Wienerberger AG
T +43 1 601 92 - 10149 |

Christine Vieira Paschoalique, Corporate Sustainability Officer
T +43 1 601 92 - 10180 |

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