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Wienerberger headquarters, brick building, trees, blue sky
© Uwe Strasser
The Future of Building

Wienerberger AG

wienerberger is one of the leading providers of innovative, ecological solutions for the entire building envelope, in the fields of new buildings and renovations, as well as infrastructure in water and energy management.

Since 1819, we have improved people’s lives with our more than 19,000 employees. Our products and solutions make energy-efficient, healthy, climate-friendly, and affordable living possible worldwide. We are #1 in brick production worldwide and in clay roof tile production in Europe, with over 200 production sites in 27 countries. Additionally, we are the leading providers of pipe systems and surface pavings in Europe.


2226® Ein Gebäudekonzept mit Zukunft - Technology made in Austria

Das Prinzip 2226® ermöglicht höchste Energieeffizienz bei leistbaren Kosten. (only available in German)

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Corporate Blog

Man with glases looking into camera
© Daniel Hinterramskogler

Sustainable roof systems: “From protection to multi-function”

Photovoltaics, roof renovation and innovative strategies for the future: Christian Reingruber, Chief Strategy Officer (CSO) Roof Solutions and Applications, is driving the development of sustainable roofs at wienerberger.

10.11.2023 • 9 min

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An employee operating production equipment via a monitor © Pipelife Norway

Industry of the Future Offers Top Career Opportunities

Production, maintenance, warehouse: Approximately 80 percent of the wienerberger workforce are blue-collar workers. What are their workplaces like now and what will be different in the future?
19.10.2023 5 min
Young female mentor coach worker talking to male coworker teaching intern having business conversation with workmate, serious hindu manager helping colleague discussing new project in office © fizkes / Adobe Stock

Developing Together: Mentoring at wienerberger

Growing together: How wienerberger supports employees, networks and careers. Six participants talk about their experiences on the mentoring program.
06.09.2026 9 min
Man and woman laughing into camera in a meeting room © Wienerberger AG

Young Potentials at Wienerberger Excel Themselves

Meaningful assignments, international environment, active participation: Sinan Dersim Dilekci and Annika Annus on their internships at Wienerberger.
16.08.2023 8 min
Eila Kreivi and Heimo Scheuch in the Wienerberger Podcast Studio
Energy security & affordability
© wienerberger

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