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Investor Relations

155th Annual General Meeting

The 155th Annual General Meeting will be held in the form of a physical meeting on May 7, 2024, at 10:00 am at Wiener Stadthalle, 1150 Vienna.


  1. Presentation of the adopted 2023 Annual Financial Statements and the Management Report of Wienerberger AG for the financial year 2023, the Consolidated Financial Statements and the Group Management Report, the Corporate Governance Report, the non-financial report and the report by the Supervisory Board on the financial year 2023
  2. Resolution on the use of net profits shown in the 2023 Annual Financial Statements
  3. Discharge of the Managing Board members for the financial year 2023
  4. Discharge of the Supervisory Board members for the financial year 2023
  5. Election of the auditors of the Annual Financial Statements and Consolidated Financial Statements for the financial year 2024
  6. Resolution on the 2023 remuneration report
  7. Resolution on the remuneration policy for the Managing Board
  8. Resolution on 1) the remuneration policy for the Supervisory Board and 2) the determination of the remuneration for the members of the Supervisory Board
  9. Authorization to repurchase treasury shares
  10. Authorization to sell treasury shares
  11.  Resolution on authorization for the Managing Board to increase, subject to approval by the Supervisory Board, the company's share capital as set forth in Section 169 of the Stock Corporation Act (authorized capital) against contribution in cash, including authorization to exclude subscription rights, including relevant amendments to § 4 of the Articles of Association (share capital and shares)