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Wienerberger corporate culture: what defines us

Wienerberger improves people's quality of life by providing outstanding, sustainable building material and infrastructure solutions.

A woman and two men in a meeting looking at tablet © Uwe Strasser

At Wienerberger, we are shaping the future of construction, creating the best solutions for our customers and driving forward with innovative strength. Our employees, numbering about 19,000, are the key to further development within the Wienerberger Group. Through all of this, the corporate culture we embody brings us together:

What motivates us: the Wienerberger mission

We aim to be the most highly regarded manufacturer of sustainable building materials and infrastructure solutions and the preferred employer in our markets. 

Our Mission 

We improve people’s quality of life by providing outstanding solutions for new build,renovation, and infrastructure.

Our Values 

Expertise, Passion, Integrity and Respect, Customer Orientation, Entrepreneurship, Quality and Responsibility. Our values form the basis of our entrepreneurial activities. We live by our values and share them in our day-to-day cooperation. 

Our Goal 

The primary goal of our entrepreneurial activities is the continuous growth of our company based on a strategic commitment to our ESG and financial targets. 

Our Culture 

We live by our values and share them with all our stakeholders. Based on our strong corporate culture, local teams join forces in a dynamically evolving international company.  

Our Employees 

Our employees are of crucial importance for the success of our company. Thanks to their professionalism, their passion, and their entrepreneurial spirit, we can seize opportunities, act with determination, and create value for our stakeholders. 

Two men with glases inspecting roof tile in a meeting © Uwe Strasser

What drives us: the Wienerberger vision and values

We offer our shareholders a unique value proposition through which we create value and set ourselves apart from our competitors.

Customer Proximity through strong local Platforms

We use our profound market know-how and our networks to offer our customers attractive solutions that are tailor-made to their needs. Through our strong platforms we combine the advantage of maximum customer proximity in local markets with the potential of an internationally active Group.

Digital Transformation 

We shape the digital transformation of our industry and pursue clear goals:
1. More efficient internal processes
2. Deeper customer relations
3. Higher added value

Strong Brands 

Our customers trust our strong brands, which stand for quality, a long useful life, and sustainable values.

Highly efficient Processes 

We create value by continuously improving the efficiency of all our success factors and benefit from economies of scale through the Group-wide exchange of successful projects.

Innovation Leadership 

We market cutting-edge products and solutions that offer added value for our customers and enhance the efficiency of construction projects.

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