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Wienerberger builds on 200 years experience in providing smart building material and infrastructure solutions to improve people’s quality of life. With our long-lasting and sustainable products for residential construction, renovation and infrastructure we are well positioned to further improve our ecological performance by making a positive contribution to climate change and shape the future of construction through innovation. The Wienerberger stock has been trading on the Vienna Stock Exchange for 150 years. The Wienerberger Group is a pure public company whose shares are 100% in free float.


Why invest in Wienerberger?

Strong commitment to sustainability

  • As a leading international player in our industry we are aware of our responsibility and are well positioned to contribute towards mitigating the impact of the construction industry on climate change
  • Our products positively contribute to the environment through their energy efficiency characteristics, providing benefits both in summer and winter. With a life span of > 100 years and exceptional quality, they last for generations
  • Wienerberger is clearly committed to three central sustainability topics: preserving biodiversity, decarbonization of its product portfolio and encouraging the circular economy 

Focused on creating shareholder value by driving resilient earnings growth

With a clear strategic focus and proven track record in delivering strong growth rates, EBITDA margins and cash flows, we continuously aim to increase the value for our stakeholders. We do this by focusing on three main areas:

  • Organic Growth: Increasing focus on innovative system solutions for roofs, walls, facades, paving and piping, enhancing customer proximity, accelerating growth and delivering more value for shareholders
  • Operational Excellence: Continuously driving measures aimed at achieving best-in-class efficiency and improving profitability throughout the Wienerberger Group 
  • Growth Projects: Prudent leverage with further headroom for growth investments; drive continuous evaluation of a highly attractive pipeline of small to mid-sized M&A opportunities to further grow in existing core markets in Europe and North America

Resilience through focused diversity

  • Leading market positions, strong brands and experienced local management teams make us a well-respected local partner close to the decision makers
  • Through a strong industrial set-up with ~200 modern plants and efficient overhead structures we ensure an optimal market coverage
  • Our diversified business model with ~2/3 residential and ~1/3 infrastructure exposure in 30 different markets mitigates volatility from business cycles

Leading innovation and digitalization

We spend approximately 1% of our turnover on innovation. In addition to more sustainable and tailored products, we are leading the industry by developing smart services and solutions that offer higher value add to our customers.

  • Being close to our local markets we drive innovation in our industry and create additional value for our customers
  • We advance digitalization in all our fields of business, generating significant efficiency & cost savings, enhancing our customer interaction and building new digital business models
  • Designed for fast scalability across our strong commercial platforms in 30 countries

Our target ratios: Clear commitment to our shareholders

  • > 10 % ROCE target to focus on long-term value creation
  • < 2,5x Net debt / EBITDA confirming our strong financial discipline
  • < 20 % Working capital / revenues to ensure efficient cash flow management
  • 20 - 40 % Distribution policy of free cash flow by means of a progressive dividend and share buy backs

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