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International Success: The Wienerberger Group

Wienerberger is a leading international supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions. We are improving people’s quality of life and shaping the future of construction.

From energy efficient homes, to safe sewer systems and attractive public spaces, Wienerberger’s expertise can be seen in all areas of life. As a global supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions, we produce high-quality bricks, pipe systems and pavements. We are number 1 on the global market when it comes to bricks, and we are leaders in many of our other business areas too.

Smart building materials and infrastructure solutions

We are creating the best solutions for our customers with our sustainable and innovative products. We have many different types of customers: from architects and designers, to builders, to roofers and pipe fitters. Together with our customers, we develop smart solutions for construction and for the infrastructure of tomorrow. With a clear goal – to create values for the future and to improve people’s quality of life.

Wienerberger AG


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About Wienerberger AG


Wienerberger manufactures high-quality building materials and creates high-quality infrastructure solutions. Our portfolio includes bricks for walls and façades, roof tiles, pipe systems made from both plastic and ceramic, and concrete and clay pavements. Our customers benefit from our range of customized offers, from building materials to accessory component parts and expert advice. That makes work easier for architects, designers, builders and craftsmen. As a leader in technology and infrastructure, we are using the opportunities presented by digitalization and are developing smart applications for new construction, renovations and infrastructure. An overview of our product areas:

  • Wall: Wienerberger’s clay blocks are the key component of many exterior walls, as well as of load and non-load-bearing walls. These clay blocks meet the highest standards expected of modern, energy-efficient buildings and they are plastered and covered after they are installed. Porotherm and POROTON are the product brands.

  • Façade: Our facing bricks are a popular design feature of many façades and interior walls. They offer many attractive options: from classic brick façades to more modern architectural styles. In Europe, they are represented by the brands Terca and Argeton and by General Shale and Arriscraft in North America.

  • Roof: Wienerberger’s clay roof tiles offer a vast array of different design possibilities for roofs and façades. They are just as popular for new construction as they are for renovations and maintaining historical monuments. In western Europe, they are offered by the brand Koramic, by Sandtoft in Great Britain and Tondach in central and southern Europe.

  • Pipes: Our pipe systems are used for infrastructure projects as well as for building residential homes and high-rise buildings. They have many uses: from supplying energy, drinking water and data, to sanitation and heating technology. Our plastic pipes are available from the brand Pipelife and our ceramic pipes from Steinzeug-Keramo.

  • Open spaces: Wienerberger’s pavements offer a wide range of different design possibilities. They consist of concrete paving stones and slabs, or clay paving bricks. The Semmelrock brand offers the concrete products while Terca deals with clay.

Learn more about Wienerberger’s brands and products

From new construction, to renovations, to large infrastructure projects, Wienerberger’s products and solutions can be seen every day, wherever you go. Our bricks are used to build everything from family homes, apartment buildings, and high-rise commercial buildings to public buildings. These include, for example, hospitals, schools and administrative offices. Our innovative and all-inclusive systems enable quick progress to be made during construction and guarantee high-quality masonry work from one provider.

Our plastic and ceramic pipe systems meet all the requirements for sustainable supply networks. This is why they are in such high demand when it comes to sewage disposal. Wienerberger’s pipes can also be found in residential and high-rise buildings. In these buildings, they are usually used to supply energy and drinking water or to transmit data. We offer all of the complementary component parts for both the plastic and ceramic systems. This includes pipes, drains or pipe fittings, for example.

Wienerberger’s concrete and clay pavements are durable and do not lose their quality or color over time. Hence, they are suitable for a variety of uses: from pedestrian zones in towns, to public squares at train stations and airports, to private gardens. Thus, our customers can enjoy comprehensive system solutions, as well as a wide selection of sizes, colors and finishes.

Learn more about Wienerberger’s brands and products

The Wienerberger Group, which operates on an international level, is comprised of three business areas:

  • Wienerberger Building Solutions: This division covers our business activities in Europe regarding clay blocks, facing bricks, roof tiles and concrete pavements.

  • Wienerberger Piping Solutions: Wienerberger produces a wide range of ceramic and plastic pipes for the European market.

  • North America: We manufacture facing bricks and plastic pipes, as well as building materials made from concrete and limestone for the US-American and Canadian markets.

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Under the umbrella of Wienerberger AG, multiple companies contribute to the success of the Wienerberger Group. One example of this is the contribution of Schlagmann Poroton GmbH & Co. KG – a 50:50 joint venture between Wienerberger and Schlagmann-Edmüller. Click here for the list of group companies.

Wienerberger AG is governed by a managing board and a supervisory board. The managing board steers the strategic and operative development of the Wienerberger Group. It consists of CEO Heimo Scheuch, CFO Gerhard Hanke, COO East Solveig Menard-Galli and COO West Harald Schwarzmayr. Alongside its supervisory function, the independent supervisory board acts as an important advisor to the managing board with regard to the Group’s strategic and operative development. Learn more about management at Wienerberger AG

Wienerberger AG is a public company on the Vienna Stock Exchange. There is no single, main shareholder, as all shares are free float shares. The majority of shares are held by institutional investors, with less than 15% owned by private investors. 
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We have a clear vision. We want to be the most prestigious provider of building materials and infrastructure solutions and the best employer in our market. To achieve this, we are taking advantage of the potential for long-term growth in the Wienerberger Group and are improving the company’s value from an economic, social and environmental standpoint.

As part of Wienerberger’s Strategy, we are focusing on three key points:

  • Organic Growth: Wienerberger has strong industrial roots and we are always further developing its products and system solutions. As a result, we are embracing innovation, market proximity and digitalization. We develop new building materials and production processes, connect partners through digital-friendly building designs and use ground-breaking technology in our production processes, such as 3D printing.

  • Operational Excellence: Reduce costs and ensure uniform standards - that is our goal. Our Self-Help program provides the framework for all our measures aimed at enhancing efficiency and increasing our profitability. Across the Group, we are concentrating our efforts on six clearly defined work streams to increase EBITDA by € 135 million over the period from 2020 to 2023: 

  • Manufacturing excellence
  • Commercial excellence
  • Procurement
  • Supply chain management
  • Administration
  • Turnaround cases
  • Growth projects and optimizing our portfolio: We are complementing Wienerberger’s organic growth with additional, value-adding growth projects. As a result, we are exploring new products and are building up Wienerberger’s presence in the existing market. By selling non-strategic divisions of the business, more growth can be generated.

Find out more about the Wienerberger Strategy.

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