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Woman and child riding bike over street of cobblestones, blurred, brick house
© Uwe Strasser

International Success: The Wienerberger Group

Wienerberger is a leading international supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions. We are improving people’s quality of life and shaping the future of construction.

From energy efficient homes, to safe sewer systems and attractive public spaces, Wienerberger’s expertise can be seen in all areas of life . As a global supplier of building materials and infrastructure solutions, we produce high-quality bricks, pipe systems and pavements. We are number 1 on the global market when it comes to bricks, and we are leaders in many of our other business areas too.

Smart building materials and infrastructure solutions

We are creating the best solutions for our customers with our sustainable and innovative products. We have many different types of customers: from architects and designers, to builders, to roofers and pipe fitters. Together with our customers, we develop smart solutions for construction and for the infrastructure of tomorrow. With a clear goal – to create values for the future and to improve people’s quality of life.

Wienerberger AG


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