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    Health and Safety at Work

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    Wienerberger Health & Safety Challenge

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    Wienerberger takes sustainability management to the next level

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    Our Employees

    Wienerberger’s employees are the company’s most important success factor.

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For a Livable Future: Sustainability at Wienerberger

Environment, social topics, governance: Determined to assume responsibility for people and nature, Wienerberger is pursuing ambitious ESG targets.

Accelerating climate change, loss of biodiversity, scarce resources: As a leading international provider of building material and infrastructure solutions, Wienerberger continuously focuses on current developments. We act responsibly and ensure that future generations have the same opportunities as we have today.

Protecting and preserving the environment

Our efforts are aimed at sustainable growth. All our corporate activities are in line with our sustainability targets and subject to clear ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria. Through the focus of the Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023 on decarbonization, the circular economy and biodiversity, we support the European Green Deal and prepare the ground for the future.

For the benefit of people and society

Wienerberger’s employees are the company’s most important success factor. We promote the development of the full potential of our employees and offer them a safe and motivating work environment. At Wienerberger, we want to achieve a high level of diversity. Our recruiting strategy, our human resources development, and our succession planning, as well as our talent management, have been adjusted to our ambitious targets.

We also take our social responsibility very seriously and are involved in social projects and initiatives, for instance as a partner of Habitat for Humanity International.

Read more about how Wienerberger translates sustainability into reality:

Corporate Governance

Responsible Corporate Governance and oversight are very important to us. As a listed company with international operations, Wienerberger undertakes to comply with strict national and international standards of good corporate governance and transparency and to pursue the further development of an efficient system of corporate control. Read more on our Corporate Governance page.

Mark van Loon

Mark van Loon

Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Innovation

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Wienerberger Sustainability Report 2020

Our key areas

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The Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023

Decarbonization, the circular economy, and biodiversity: These are the environmental pillars of Wienerberger’s Sustainability Program 2023.
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Climate Change & Decarbonization

With our innovative products and systems we are providing solutions for decarbonization.
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A Circular Economy

The circular economy is a central pillar of Wienerberger’s Sustainability Program 2023: It enables us to ensure the long-term availability of raw materials.
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Biodiversity & Environment

The protection and preservation of our environment is firmly embedded in Wienerberger’s perception of its corporate mission.
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Wienerberger’s employees are the company’s most important success factor.
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Business Ethics & Social Impacts

The economy is an integral part of society. At Wienerberger, we take our responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously.


Mark van Loon & Daniel Zimmermann on the Wienerberger Sustainability Report 2020

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Sustainability only works in collaboration. Therefore, we from Wienerberger all work together for realizing our ambitious ESG & Sustainability targets, we also reach out to peers for inspiration. Check out the sustainability talks by Mark van Loon, Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Innovation at Wienerberger, and Daniel Zimmermann, 3:0 Landschaftsarchitektur!

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