Sustainability Management at Wienerberger

On track for ESG: This is how the Wienerberger Group’s sustainability management is steered, implemented and evaluated.

Mark van Loon

Mark van Loon

Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Innovation

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Our commitment to sustainable development covers all stages of the value chain and all business areas. Our sustainability management is based on a group-wide structure, which facilitates the efficient implementation of our voluntary engagement.

Responsibilities of the Managing Board and the Supervisory Board

The Managing Board of Wienerberger AG and the Supervisory Board play a central role in the Group’s sustainability management. The Sustainability Steering Committee (SSC) comprises the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG, defines the Wienerberger sustainability strategy and the sustainability program, and steers its implementation. The Supervisory Board monitors all important strategic projects. In addition to its supervisory and steering function, it also acts as an advisory body and assumes part of the entrepreneurial responsibility. This structure ensures that ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria are taken into account in the Group’s corporate strategy and its financial planning.

Coordination and implementation of sustainability management

The “Group Sustainability & Innovation” Department, newly created in 2020, is headed by a Senior Vice President for Group Sustainability & Innovation, who reports directly to the Chairman of the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG and coordinates sustainability management and the Group’s innovation agenda.

At business unit level, the COOs of Wienerberger Building Solutions and Wienerberger Piping solutions, as well as the CEO of the North America Business Unit, are responsible for implementing their sustainability targets. They are being supported by sustainability officers, who are in continuous contact with the “Group Sustainability & Innovation” Department.

Sustainability reporting at Wienerberger

Since 2010, Wienerberger has published its non-financial indicators on an annual basis. The information required is compiled through central data management. Together with the Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023, the sustainability report is an important steering instrument.

Wienerberger’s annual sustainability reports and updates meet the requirements of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI). The topics covered in the 2020 Sustainability Report are based on the materiality analysis performed in 2020 and the Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023. For further information on the economic performance of the Group, its organizational profile, and its corporate governance, please refer to the current Wienerberger Annual Report.

Our commitment to the UN SDGs and the ESG standards

As a leading company with international operations, Wienerberger bears a heavy responsibility.

Wienerberger is committed to the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the UN Agenda 2030 as an international framework setting the targets for sustainable development. In our sustainability reports, we describe the specific contributions made by Wienerberger to the individual SDGs.

We voluntarily committed to complying with various international and national standards. For example, we undertake to observe the ten principles of the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) of the United Nations; we submit an annual report on our progress.

By adopting the Wienerberger Social Charter in 2001, Wienerberger undertook to observe the conventions and recommendation of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and the United Nations. It was signed by the Managing Board of Wienerberger AG and the Chairman of the European Forum, a social partnership body. In this document, we commit ourselves to the respect for human rights, decent working conditions, and the payment of adequate wages and salaries. As a matter of principle, we tolerate neither child labor nor discrimination.

Awards won for our sustainability management

Awards and index ratings in 2020, such as the EcoVadis Silver Sustainability Rating, the AAA rating on the MSCI ESG Index, and the prime status awarded by the responsible investment experts of ISS ESG, again confirm the success of Wienerberger’s sustainability strategy.

Further Information

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The Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023

Decarbonization, the circular economy, and biodiversity: These are the environmental pillars of Wienerberger’s Sustainability Program 2023.
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Climate Change & Decarbonization

With our innovative products and systems we are providing solutions for decarbonization.
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A Circular Economy

The circular economy is a central pillar of Wienerberger’s Sustainability Program 2023: It enables us to ensure the long-term availability of raw materials.
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Biodiversity & Environment

The protection and preservation of our environment is firmly embedded in Wienerberger’s perception of its corporate mission.
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Wienerberger’s employees are the company’s most important success factor.
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Business Ethics & Social Impacts

The economy is an integral part of society. At Wienerberger, we take our responsibility as a corporate citizen seriously.