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Compliance at Wienerberger

As a company with worldwide operations, Wienerberger is fully aware of its responsibility and takes compliance with clearly defined corporate social responsibility (CSR) standards very seriously.

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Our conduct

Expertise, passion, integrity and respect, customer orientation, entrepreneurial spirit, quality and responsibility: These values provide the basis for our activity as a company and our daily cooperation. As firmly rooted components of our corporate culture, they are reflected in a number of rules, regulations and policies of the Wienerberger Group. Their message is absolutely clear: Any form of illegal and unethical conduct as well as breaches of compliance requirements will not be tolerated!

In the World of Wienerberger, for all of us – employees, customers, suppliers, and partners – it is our ambition to live by the highest standards of integrity, business ethics, and sustainability, ensuring correct behavior throughout the Group.

Whistleblowing: When something is not quite right

It is our responsibility to promote a corporate culture that reflects our principles. This includes the obligation of all those who are responsible for compliance within Wienerberger, to ensure that policies and processes are implemented and observed. Internal and external audits are performed to verify the effectiveness of all rules and regulations and to initiate further improvements.

If you have reason to suspect that our standards of behavior are being violated or disregarded, do not hesitate to speak up! Wienerberger encourages all its employees, suppliers, and partners to report any potential wrongdoing, breach or violation of our code of conduct!


SeeHearSpeakUp is an external and independent whistleblowing service set up to ensure that employees, customers, suppliers, and partners can voice possible concerns on a confidential and anonymous basis. The SeeHearSpeakUp service enables us to verify any illegal, unethical or inappropriate behavior reported and to process and investigate the complaints received through the Wienerberger Whistleblowing Committee.

Whistleblowing Channels: This is how it works!

Are you aware of any illegal, unethical or inappropriate behavior in your workplace? Please report the matter in one of the following confidential ways:

Call 00800 9687 4357

Email to report@seehearspeakup.co.uk

Or report online via seehearspeakup.co.uk/wienerberger

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Wienerberger Code of Conduct

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