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Climate change, the shortage of skilled workers or resource scarcity: Our response to modern-day challenges is always innovation. With our smart construction and infrastructure solutions we are improving the quality of life of millions of people all over the world. In fact, one third of Wienerberger’s revenues is already generated by new products and services.

From the building envelop to sewer systems

As the technology and innovation leader we develop building materials and services for the future. These include solutions for the entire building envelop, such as the climate-neutral clay block: This saves 5,800 tons of CO2 annually – equivalent to the emissions of around 3,000 cars.

Innovations: Preflex Spider and Raineo®

Wienerberger enhances the speed and efficiency of construction projects with innovative solutions, such as these two examples from our Pipelife subsidiary: Preflex Spider – a prefabricated, customized electrical installation that vastly increases efficiency on building sites and the Raineo® system that helps manage rainwater on sealed surfaces.

hand holding Preflex Spider © Richard Rood

Our innovations always focus on the benefit for the users. For us, it’s important to offer our customers products that are easier and faster to install while simultaneously meeting all sustainability standards.

Solveig Menard-Galli

Solveig Menard-Galli

COO East Wienerberger AG

Daniel Hinterramskogler



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    woman and man with bicycles on clay pavement

    Smart Solutions: Wienerberger Product World

    As pioneers in the building materials industry, we embrace innovation and digitalization.
    Gras, water, trees, girl © Robert Staudinger

    How we Live ESG at Wienerberger

    Cut emissions, recycle products, help others: Wienerberger has ambitious environmental, social, and corporate governance goals.
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    How we Drive Digitalization

    From BIM (Building Information Modelling) to 3D models and a planning tool for roofers: Wienerberger sets digital standards in the construction industry.