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Wall with Wienerberger lettering from fluorescent tubes, green plant
© Uwe Strasser

Staying Up-to-Date: Wienerberger’s Newsroom

You can find everything you need to know about the Wienerberger Group in our newsroom – ranging from press releases to news about the company, to photos and videos.

The Heimo Scheuch Podcast

Heimo Scheuch, CEO of Wienerberger AG, will provide you with the newest updates from the World of Wienerberger. As a global innovation leader for building materials and infrastructure solutions we take responsibility for improving people's quality of life and shaping the future of construction. Stay informed & be part of it. Stay informed & subscribe to the Heimo Scheuch Podcast on Spotify or Google Podcasts and never miss an update on our YouTube playlist.

Heimo Scheuch interveiws Chrstioph Boschan
Heimo Scheuch in interview with Christoph Boschan, CEO of Vienna Stock Exchange
© Nik Pichler
Two men sitting, looking into the camera with microphones in front of them
Heimo Scheuch on his personal life, motivation and advice for 2022
© Nik Pichler
Thomas Birtel and Heimo Scheuch
Heimo Scheuch Podcast x Thomas Birtel: Construction Business (German only)
© Nik Pichler
Heimo Scheuch, CFO, and Peter Steiner, Chairman of the Supervisory Board
Heimo Scheuch Podcast x Peter Steiner: ESG Strategy
© Nik Pichler
Wienerberger AG CEO Heimo Scheuch infront of blue background with Wienerberger logo
Heimo Scheuch Podcast - Wienerberger achieves record results in 2021
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Wienerberger AG CEO Heimo Scheuch in talk with podcast guest
Heimo Scheuch Podcast x Prof. Sabine Knierbein
© Nik Pichler
Wienerberger AG CEO Heimo Scheuch in talk with podcast guest
Heimo Scheuch Podcast - Habitat for Humanity with Rick Hathaway
  • Wienerberger Timeline
  • Heinrich Drasche and Alois Miesbach
    Heinrich Drasche and Alois Miesbach
  • Wienerberger brick production at the beginning of the 19th century on the Wienerberg.
    Brick factory on Wienerberg
  • Innovative products: filler blocks and the dryfix wall brick adhesive system.
    Filler blocks and dryfix wall brick adhesive system
    © Uwe Strasser
  • Wienerberger is a pioneer in the field of digitalization and smart solutions.
    Smart Solutions and Digitalization
    © Uwe Strasser

The Wienerberger Story

In 1819, Wienerberger was born. Since then, we have been shaping the future with innovative products and processes. Any good examples? In 1860, we installed the first round kiln; in the 1990s we established the plane brick; and, after the turn of the millennium, we simplified bricklaying with our Dryfix adhesive system.

Today, our vision is to be the most prestigious building materials and infrastructure solutions manufacturer and the employer of choice in our markets. We are a market leader in Smart Solutions and a pioneer of digitalization. Learn more about Wienerberger’s success story.