Wienerberger Locations

Wienerberger is an industry leader with nearly 200 production sites across 29 countries.

Wienerberger is one of the leading international building and infrastructural solutions supplier. From our headquarters in Vienna (Austria), we control our business all around the world. In addition to our work in our domestic market in Europe, Wienerberger has a strong foothold in the North American market and a brickworks in India.

Local Websites of the Wienerberger Business Units


Country Website
Bulgaria www.semmelrock.bg
Croatia www.semmelrock.hr
Czech Republic www.semmelrock.cz
Hungary www.semmelrock.hu
Poland www.semmelrock.pl
Romania www.semmelrock.ro
Slovakia www.semmelrock.sk


Country Website
Austria www.pipelife.at
Belgium www.pipelife.be
Bulgaria www.pipelife.bg
Croatia www.pipelife.hr
Czech Republic www.pipelife.cz
Estonia www.pipelife.ee
Finland www.pipelife.fi
France www.pipelife.fr
Germany www.pipelife.de
Great Britain www.pipelife.co.uk
Hungary www.pipelife.hu
Ireland www.pipelife.ie
Latvia www.pipelife.lv
Lithuania www.pipelife.lt
Netherlands www.pipelife.nl
Norway www.pipelife.no
Poland www.pipelife.com/pl
Romania www.pipelife.ro
Russia www.pipelife.ru
Slovakia www.pipelife.sk
Slovenia www.pipelife.si
Sweden www.pipelife.se
Turkey www.pipelife.com.tr
United States of America www.jetstreampipes.com

General Shale

Country Website
Canada www.arriscraft.com
United States of America www.generalshale.com