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Wienerberger AG has been successfully represented on the Vienna Stock Exchange for more than 150 years. Learn more about the price of shares, key figures and the shareholder structure.

Investor Relations

Wienerberger AG

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Wienerberger on the stock exchange

With a market capitalization of € 3,004 million and a 6.7% weighting on the ATX (Austrian Trade Index) at the end of 2020, Wienerberger is one of the five largest listed companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Wienerberger AG is listed on the prime market with 115.2 million bearer shares. The principle of “one share, one vote” applies to the publicly owned, free float shares: There are no preference or registered shares and no restrictions apply to ordinary shares.

In the US, Wienerberger AG is traded on the OTC Market through a level 1 ADR programme provided by the Bank of New York Mellon. In each case, five ADRs document the right to obtain bearer shares.

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Wienerberger evaluates sale of treasury shares through accelerated bookbuilding

An Overview of Wienerberger’s Shares

  • Shares: Purely publicly owned shares, 100% free float 
  • Quantity: 115.2 million no-par value shares
  • Listing: Vienna Stock Exchange (WIE), Thomson Reuters (WBSV.VI), Bloomberg (WIE AV)
  • Market segment: Prime market
  • ADR: ADR Level 1 (WBRBY)
  • ISIN: AT0000831706

Coverage by analysts

Austrian and international financial analysts regularly assess Wienerberger AG’s development. Currently, analysts examine the shares in the following institutions:


Institution                                       Location Contact Phone
Berenberg London, UK Lushanthan Mahendrarajah  +44 20 3207 7896
Citigroup London, UK Ami Galla  +44 207 9864092
Commerzbank Frankfurt, DE Norbert Kretlow  +49 69 136 45926
Deutsche Bank AG Vienna, AT Matthias Pfeifenberger  +43 1 531 81 153
Erste Group Vienna, AT Michael Marschallinger
 +43 50100 17420
Exane BNP Paribas London, UK Yves Bromehead  +44 20 7039 9503
HSBC Mumbai, IND Brijesh Siya +91 81051 66311
Kepler Cheuvreux Paris, FR Patrick Steiner  +43 1 20 577 383
Stifel London, UK Tobias Wörner  +49 69 78808 198
Morgan Stanley London, UK Cedar Ekblom +44 20 7425 4623
On Field Research London, UK Yassine Touhari +44 (0) 203 9500 897 
Raiffeisen Centrobank Vienna, AT Markus Remis +43 1 51520 718
UBS London, UK Gregor Kuglitsch  +44 20 7568 4394
Wiener Privatbank Vienna, AT Nicolas Kneip  +43 1 534 31 155


The following consensus contains estimates of our analysts per July 2nd, 2021. The average target price amounts to EUR 36.10.


2021 in € mn Revenues EBITDA reported EBITDA excl. M&A EBIT Net income EPS Dividend
Consensus Mean 3,692 640 624 379 255 2.26 0,72
High 3,929 695 679 443 302 2.70 0,90
Low 3,391 610 592 336 234 2.04 0,60
Number of estimates 13 13 13 13 13 13 13


2022 in € mn                                                                                  Revenues EBITDA            EBIT       Net income        EPS          Dividend
Consensus Mean 3,902 697 423 293 2.59 0.86
High 4,196 770 508 365 3.31 1.00
Low 3,446 635 360 257 2.27 0.70
Number of estimates 13 13 13 13 13 13

Wienerberger’s shareholder structure

As is customary for international companies on the stock exchange, Wienerberger’s shareholder structure is very diverse. The shares all are free float shares. The majority of the shares are held by institutional investors, with less than 15% owned by private investors.

Over half of the institutional investors come from Anglo-Saxon countries: North America as well as Great Britain. The rest of the shares are predominantly owned by investors in continental Europe. The majority of the institutional investors are concerned with value, GARP and index.

20210325_Shareholder Structure
Shares                                                                                Shareholder
More than 4% FMR LLC (Fidelity), USA


Dividend 2009-2021

Wienerberger has defined clear conditions for dividend payouts. We are planning a dividend payout of 20 to 40% from our free cash flow, after deducting the costs of the hybrid capital. The yearly dividends are determined by taking the business’ development, the economic climate, as well as potential growth projects into consideration.

Repurchasing Shares

The Managing Board of Wienerberger AG was authorized by the 150th Annual General Meeting on May 06, 2019, to take the following steps (pursuant to sect. 65 para. 1(8) of the Stock Corporation Act): During a period of 30 months, the Managing Board can buy back own ordinary bearer shares of the Company, withdraw or sell shares bought back without further resolution by the Annual General Meeting, and dispose of own shares in a way other than via the stock exchange or through public offering. The shares may be acquired at a price per share of not less than € 1.00 and not more than twice the share price quoted on the stock exchange on May 06, 2019.

Capital increases

The last time Wienerberger AG increased share capital by releasing new shares was in 2009. As a result of the decision made during the 145th annual general meeting, the managing board is authorized to increase share capital by releasing up to 17.6 million shares. This corresponds with up to 15% of the share capital. As a result, in certain circumstances, shareholders’ legally permitted subscription privileges will not be allowed. However, the number of shares that will be subject to this rule must not exceed 5% of the overall share capital.

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