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Investor Relations

Wienerberger Shares

Wienerberger AG has been successfully represented on the Vienna Stock Exchange for more than 150 years. Learn more about the price of shares, key figures and the shareholder structure.

Investor Relations

Wienerberger AG

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Wienerberger on the stock exchange

With a market capitalization of € 3,725 million and a 6.0% weighting on the ATX (Austrian Trade Index) at the end of 2021, Wienerberger is one of the largest listed companies on the Vienna Stock Exchange. Wienerberger AG is listed on the prime market with 115.2 million bearer shares. The principle of “one share, one vote” applies to the publicly owned, free float shares: There are no preference or registered shares and no restrictions apply to ordinary shares.

In the US, Wienerberger AG is traded on the OTC Market through a level 1 ADR programme provided by the Bank of New York Mellon. In each case, five ADRs document the right to obtain bearer shares.

  • Shares: Purely publicly owned shares, 100% free float 
  • Quantity: 115.2 million no-par value shares
  • Listing: Vienna Stock Exchange (WIE), Thomson Reuters (WBSV.VI), Bloomberg (WIE AV)
  • Market segment: Prime market
  • ADR: ADR Level 1 (WBRBY)
  • ISIN: AT0000831706

An Overview of Wienerberger’s Shares

Coverage by analysts

Austrian and international financial analysts regularly assess Wienerberger AG’s development. Currently, analysts examine the shares in the following institutions:


Institution                                       Location Contact Phone
Berenberg London, UK Lushanthan Mahendrarajah  +44 20 3207 7896
Citigroup London, UK Ami Galla  +44 207 9864092
Deutsche Bank AG Vienna, AT Matthias Pfeifenberger  +43 1 531 81 153
Erste Group Vienna, AT Michael Marschallinger
 +43 50100 17420
Exane BNP Paribas London, UK Yves Bromehead  +44 20 7039 9503
HSBC Mumbai, IND Brijesh Siya +91 81051 66311
Kepler Cheuvreux Paris, FR Patrick Steiner  +43 1 20 577 383
Stifel London, UK Tobias Wörner  +49 69 78808 198
Morgan Stanley London, UK Pam Liu +44 20 7677-0978
ODDO BHF Paris, FR Sven Edelfelt +33 (0) 1 55 35 42 58
On Field Research London, UK Yassine Touhari +44 (0) 203 9500 897 
RBI Vienna, AT Markus Remis +43 1 51520 718
UBS London, UK Gregor Kuglitsch  +44 20 7568 4394
Wiener Privatbank Vienna, AT Nicolas Kneip  +43 1 534 31 155


The following consensus contains estimates of our analysts per March 22nd, 2022. The average target price amounts to EUR 39.30.



Wienerberger’s shareholder structure

Wienerberger is a pure free float company and has no core shareholder. The Group’s widely diversified shareholder structure is typical of a publicly traded company with international operations. The most recent survey of the shareholder structure performed in November 2021 showed that 14% of Wienerberger shares are held by private investors, while the majority is held by institutional investors, more than half of them based in the Anglo-Saxon region, i.e. North America (31%) and Great Britain (25%). The remaining shares are held mainly by Continental European investors. 

Shares  Shareholder
More than 5% FMR LLC (Fidelity), USA
More than 5% Petrus Advisers Ltd. UK
More than 4% Impax Asset Management Group plc, UK


Repurchasing Shares

Capital increases

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