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wienerberger is one of the leading providers of innovative, ecological solutions for the entire building envelope, as well as for infrastructure in water and energy management.

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Infrastructure solutions for water and energy management

Innovative pipe solutions for infrastructure, building, and agriculture

LLLD HDPE pipe towing ship © Pipelife International
Man standing in a green field © Pipelife Turkey

Pipelife by wienerberger is a leading provider of pipe system solutions for infrastructure, buildings, and agriculture. With our sites in 24 countries, we provide municipalities worldwide with a safe, healthy, and carefree life for current and future generations. Our holistic solutions from a single supplier support agriculture, municipalities, and communities in their intentions to minimize pipeline losses, improve drinking water management in conurbations, plan maintenance cycles of pipes more efficiently, and to make ideal use of increasing digitalization.

Regardless of whether the pipes are behind walls, in the ground, underground, or at the bottom of the sea – our solutions may be hidden, but they are always part of our life. Pipelife time and again proves its innovative strength and pushes development even further, e.g., with its Preflex Spider system, a prefabricated product solution which reduces installment time by up to 30% with 100% accuracy. Pipelife also developed a sustainable rainwater management system in order to protect against extreme weather situations, such as heavy rains and droughts. Under the brand Soluforce, Pipelife provides the worldwide first hydrogen-certified plastic pipe solution for the transport of renewable energies such as hydrogen or biogas.

water and energy management

Solutions for building envelopes

Innovative and ecological solutions for roofs, walls, and facades

brick building, multi-family home, faccade © Wienerberger nv/sa
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wienerberger produces roof, wall, and facade solutions at 149 sites in Europe, and operates as a local partner in 23 countries. We are the global market leader in backing bricks and as such, wienerberger provides construction material for load-bearing exterior and interior walls as well as for non-load-bearing partition walls or infills in ferroconcrete skeleton constructions. We are #1 in Europe in fair-faced bricks for facades and interior walls as well as in clay roof tiles. wienerberger provides attractive solutions for public spaces and landscape and garden design with our surface pavings.

From heat waves to storms: extreme weather situations are increasing everywhere, which makes adapting to climate change through climate-resilient building solutions increasingly more important. Brick buildings are climate resilient by nature. Additionally, wall systems made of clay reduce their overall impact on the environment through their over 100-year lifespan as well as their good insulation properties and high storage mass.

With regards to the current challenges that we have to face in the construction industry (from a lack of experts to efficient production), wienerberger counts on automation, amongst other things. In 2022, a construction robot built a complete backing brick house for wienerberger for the first time. The robot not only speeds up the process of building, but it also lays bricks with a precision of up to a millimeter. This forward-looking technology makes it possible to realize living space faster, more cost-efficiently, and with high quality standards.

From protection to multi-function roofs

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