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Learn About the People at wienerberger

More than 500 employees work at wienerberger’s Headquarters in Vienna. What motivates them in their work? You can find out in our videos.

woman with black hear on a railing in an office © Daniel Hinterramskogler

From building homes in a way that is energy-efficient to sustainable sewer systems, at wienerberger, we achieve great things together every day. What do our employees think of their job? Which area do you work in? And what do you think of wienerberger as an employer? Decide for yourself by looking at our job stories.

Recruiting Headquarters

Wienerberger AG

+43 1 60192-0

Joining and getting started

Joining wienerberger is a rather special experience for new arrivals. How do they spend the working day with their new colleagues? And what has surprised them the most so far? In these videos, young professionals talk about their exciting experiences:

woman in black blazer in an office, desk, talking

International Career

More than 200 locations in 27 countries: Thanks to its worldwide network, wienerberger offers the ideal conditions for an international career. What opportunities are there for our employees? And how can they personally benefit from a global exchange of expertise? They can tell you all that here:

woman in a white blazer n front of exhibition wall
man with bald head and safety west in a production hall, talking
woman in an office, talking, desk
Man in suit and bald head in front of a window front, talking

Insights into the specialist departments

Ranging from a specialist in Finance and Controlling to an SAP Consultant to a Digital Marketing Manager for our subsidiary company Pipelife, experts are at work at wienerberger. How do they bring their expertise and talent into their work day after day? In these clips, they will show you through their specialist departments:

Two men walking in a hallway
woman with glasses in front of a standing desk with laptop, talking
Man in a suit in an office in front of window front
Man in a suit in an office

Insights into our business units

Pipelife Austria

Man with beard and bald head in production
Donat Baliko - Electrical maintenance manager
© Nik Pichler
Woman with glasses in front of plastic pipes
Lucie Stejskalova - Quality assurance
© Nik Pichler
Man in black T-shirt at a storage place for plastic pipes
Michael Gorsky - Team Leader Production Planning & Control
© Nik Pichler
Man with glasses in front of a machine in production hall
Phillip Konecny - Apprentice Pipelife Austria
© Nik Pichler

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