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Press Release

Notification to Stock Exchange Act

13. June 2018

Notification pursuant to sect.120 para.2 point 1 of the 2018 Stock Exchange Act

At the time of convocation of the 149th Annual General Meeting, Wienerberger AG held 1,005,289 own shares (as at 11 May 2018).

In the course of the current share buyback program, Wienerberger AG has acquired an-other 480,000 shares and now holds a total of 1,485,289 Wienerberger shares (as at 13 June 2018).

Pursuant to sect.120 para.2 point 1 of the Stock Exchange Act, it is herewith notified that the total number of shares issued by Wienerberger AG remains unchanged at 117,526,764. As at today’s date, Wienerberger AG holds 1,485,289 treasury shares. As the voting rights of these shares cannot be exercised (sect.65 para.5 Stock Corporation Act), the number of exercisable voting rights is 116,041,475.

Further information on the 149th Annual General Meeting is contained in the documents published.  


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