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Shareholders at Annual General Meeting agree to all resolutions proposed by Wienerberger

15. June 2018

At yesterday’s 149th Annual General Meeting, the shareholders of Wienerberger AG adopted all resolutions proposed with well over 90% of the votes cast. Supervisory Board member Christian Jourquin was reelected for another term of office by a majority of 96%, and Peter Steiner was newly elected to the Supervisory Board of Wienerberger AG with 99% of the vote.

I am happy that the shareholders of Wienerberger AG approved of the candidates proposed by the Supervisory Board by an overwhelming majority. With Christian Jourquin and Peter Steiner, we have two renowned experts on the Supervisory Board who will make a substantial contribution toward further advancing the positive development of Wienerberger.

Regina Prehofer

Regina Prehofer

Chairwoman of the Supervisory Board of Wienerberger AG

Within the framework of the Annual General Assembly, it was stated that the professional qualifications of the candidates proposed by shareholders Petrus Advisers and BKBAHAR, Jan Buck-Emden and Pierre-Marie De Leener, had never been cast into doubt. CEO Heimo Scheuch explicitly underlined the professional experience of the two managers. As the resolutions proposing the candidacies were ultimately withdrawn, no vote was taken on their election to the Supervisory Board.

Chairwoman Regina Prehofer reiterated her commitment to a transparent procedure of selecting candidates for the Supervisory Board in line with the highest possible standards of corporate governance: In a first step, the qualifications and competencies to be represented on the Supervisory Board of Wienerberger AG in the future are defined on the basis of a requirements profile. A well-balanced selection of candidates serves a twofold goal: on the one hand, the interests of all shareholders are to be represented in the best possible manner, and on the other hand, the members of the Supervisory Board, taken together, are to cover the broad range of expertise and experience the Wienerberger Group needs for its further development. In this context, Supervisory Board Chairwoman Regina Prehofer invited all shareholders of Wienerberger AG, including Petrus Advisers, to provide input by submitting proposals for future candidates. All proposals, provided they are received within a timely manner, are to be evaluated in a structured process. An external consultant is to be involved in the elaboration of the requirements profile as well as in the evaluation process.

In his presentation to the Annual General Meeting, CEO Heimo Scheuch underlined once again that the company is working intensively, and with support from McKinsey, on the fast implementation of efficiency-enhancing measures within the framework of its ongoing portfolio analysis and its Operational Excellence program. This is an essential step aimed at enabling the company to take advantage of further growth opportunities and to create sustainable value for its shareholders.  


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