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Press Release

Wienerberger and Fastbrick Robotics explore the future of construction

05. September 2018
  • Global partnership agreement signed with Australian robotics company Fastbrick Robotics Limited
  • Initial step - development of customized clay block solutions for the Hadrian X construction robot
  • First pilot project for Europe in planning phase
Hadrian X Technology by Fastbrick Robotics Limited © FBR

The Wienerberger Group, one of Europe's leading building materials producers, has signed a partnership agreement with Fastbrick Robotics Limited (ASX:FBR) (‘FBR’), an Australian listed company focused on robotic construction with clay bricks and blocks. The aim of the partnership is to develop, test and manufacture optimized clay blocks for FBR’s Hadrian X construction robot. These will subsequently be used in a pilot project in Europe and launched in Wienerberger markets together with the Hadrian X upon successful completion. 

In times of digitalization, high demand for affordable housing and the prevailing shortage of skilled workers, the construction industry is facing major challenges. Together with FBR, we want to develop solutions based on the pioneering Hadrian X technology, which allows housing construction projects to be executed faster and more cost-effectively. Alongside these advantages, the technology requires fewer resources and is less labor-intensive. This cooperation is a further step in our strategy to offer our customers innovative products, services and solutions.

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


FBR designs, develops and produces dynamically stabilized robots for the construction industry. The construction robot Hadrian X was developed for outdoor work and uses a special technology developed by FBR called “Dynamic Stabilisation Technology”, or “DSTTM”. This enables Hadrian X to measure and compensate movements caused by wind, vibrations or counter-movements in real time, allowing for the fully automated construction of residential buildings with the highest precision and quality, while at the same time optimizing the use of materials. The assembly of the first Hadrian X was completed in summer 2018. The first robot is currently in the testing and commissioning phase.

The Hadrian X is a technology that can revolutionize residential construction in many parts of the world. We are very happy to have found an excellent global partner in Wienerberger, the world's largest clay block manufacturer, to help develop clay blocks for our construction robot and to further scale our technology. This partnership will enable us to offer our customers unique clay block solutions tailored to their markets and also ensure a sustainable supply of blocks manufactured specifically for Hadrian X".

Mike Pivac

CEO of Fastbrick Robotics Limited

The first phase of the multi-stage partnership agreement primarily involves an intensive exchange of information between the two partners in order to develop optimized clay block solutions for the Hadrian X construction robot. Wienerberger and FBR will also assess business models to be adopted in selected markets ahead of a proposed pilot project in Europe.

About FBR

Fastbrick Robotics Limited (ASX:FBR) designs, develops and builds dynamically stabilized robots to address global needs. These robots are designed to work outdoors using the company’s core Dynamic Stabilisation Technology (DST™).  FBR is commercializing products for the construction sector together with DST™-enabled solutions for other industries. To learn more, please visit 

  • Hadrian X Technology by Fastbrick Robotics Limited © FBR
  • Australian robotics company Fastbrick Robotics Limited © FBR
  • Hadrian X Technology by Fastbrick Robotics Limited © FBR