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Press Release

INSIGHTS: Wienerberger‘s art project at the interface of art, architecture and industrial history

12. September 2019
  • INSIGHTS – The Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection presents works by young artists and photographers
  • INSIGHTS is dedicated to Wienerberger’s 200-year jubilee
  • Contemporary artists explore historical topics at places steeped in history or focus on the varied aspects of industrial activity and the use of the company’s products in architecture

Every year since 2012, within the framework of “INSIGHTS – The Wienerberger Contemporary Photography Collection”, the two curators of the collection, Valerie Loudon and Moritz Stipsicz, acting on behalf of Wienerberger, have invited renowned European photographers to address an aspect of their choice relating to the company and its activities and to develop it into an art project.

In 2019, the artists focused on Wienerberger’s 200-year history. The book featuring their collected works was presented yesterday at the Vienna Museum of Applied Arts.

The artists invited to participate in this project addressed their task from various perspectives. The topics covered range from production to the handling of natural raw materials, from the products as architectural design elements to the people in and around the company.

Through this project, we want to document our achievements as a prime mover of the sector. In doing so, we also take an honest look at the history of our company. In pursuing this target, we help to promote young artists, who are free to work on topics of their choice. This distinguishes our project from others focused entirely on the purchase of art.

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


This year, we are again in a position to present exciting new contributions to the public. We are happy to support this project and to see the Wienerberger photo collection grow and evolve.

Moritz Stisicz and Valerie Loudon

whose “Office for Art” has curated the photography collection for seven years

Wienerberger’s collection has existed since 2012. In the course of 31 projects, some 220 works were created by 28 commissioned artists in 26 countries. Wienerberger’s intention is to document changes at the interface of architecture, art and industrial history and engage in a wider discourse on these topics.

INSIGHTS II, the second catalogue of the collection just published by the Kehrer Publishing House, contains contributions Markus Krottendorfer, Anastasia Khoroshilova, Taiyo Onorato & Nico Krebs, Andrew Phelps, Joanna Piotrowska, Andrea Witzmann, Thomas Albdorf, Marlon de Azambuja, Paul Kranzler, Marten Lange, Hertha Hurnaus, Tatiana Lecomte, Bjarne Bare, Julie Boserup, Alicja Dobrucka, Anu Vahtra.