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Press Release

Bees on the roof of Wienerberger HQ: Creating a new habitat

24. September 2020
Wienerberger bees © Kathrin Hischenhuber / Wienerberger AG
  • Wienerberger is introducing beehives to the roof of its headquarters
  • The company is thus strengthening biodiversity in the Wienerberg nature preserve and assuming responsibility for nature and society
  • Promoting biodiversity is a focus of the Sustainability Strategy 2020+

Vienna – Bees preserve nature and produce honey for us to eat: They have now found a new habitat at Wienerberger’s headquarters in Biotope City in the south of Vienna. Four beehives complete with bee colonies have been set up on the flat roof of the sustainable brick building.

By introducing 80,000 honeybees to the roof of our headquarters we are showing our commitment to biodiversity and at the same time responsibility toward society. Biodiversity is one of the pillars of Wienerberger’s Sustainability Strategy 2020+ alongside the circular economy and decarbonization.

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Wienerberger’s birthplace as the starting point for foraging flights

The project is of special significance for Wienerberger. The bees not only live on the company’s roof, but they also collect pollen where the company has its origin. 200 years ago, the first clay pit was created on Wienerberg. A nature preserve grew up around this clay pit when it was flooded that now boasts rich fauna and flora. With this project, Wienerberger is strengthening the local bee population and promoting plant and animal diversity in the preserve. 

Thanks to the headquarters’ proximity to green spaces, the bees are surrounded by an ideal environment here. They can venture out to forage from the rooftop.

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


The beehives are managed by two skilled employees. 

Wienerberger beekeeper Kathrin
Wienerberger beekeeper Kathrin
© Kathrin Hischenhuber / Wienerberger AG

Busy worker bees safeguard animal and plant diversity

As an integral part of the ecosystem, the honey-producing worker bees are vital for the preservation of diversity in the natural environment and ecological balance. The majority of flowering plants all over the world depend on pollination by insects, 85 percent of which is done by honeybees that pollinate around 170,000 different plant species. In doing so, they make a significant contribution to maintaining valuable habitats for plants and animals alike.

The expansion of the project is already in the pipeline: in spring 2021 two more beehives are to be set up on the roof of Wienerberger’s headquarters.

About Wienerberger’s group headquarters

The headquarters of the Wienerberger Group, which were opened in early 2020, are located in the south of Vienna. The distinctive building with a greened brick façade is part of the THE BRICK complex located in the newly built Biotope City. The new headquarters feature sustainable and energy-efficient construction. Integrated thermal activation in the massive ceilings provides for a pleasant indoor climate both in wintertime and in summertime. The building, innovative by ecological standards, has been awarded the Gold Certificate by the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB).


Claudia Hajdinyak

Claudia Hajdinyak

Head of Corporate Communications

Wienerberger AG

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