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Circular Economy: Wienerberger Plastic Pipe Pioneer in Europe

01. April 2021
  • Wienerberger fully supports the European Green Deal and demands an industry standard for recycled plastic products
  • Local teams support the circular economy with product innovations
  • From 2023: All Pipelife’s new plastic pipes fully recyclable and/or reusable

Vienna – From reducing plastic waste, to 100% recyclable or reusable products, and the careful use of resources: Wienerberger has set itself ambitious sustainability goals in Piping Solutions, supporting the EU Plastics Strategy, the European Green Deal, and the circular economy.

We won’t get a second chance to save the environment. This is why we provide piping solutions that actively contribute to a safer and healthier life. We set new, innovative standards with our products and protect our environment with the longevity of our solutions.

Harald Schwarzmayr, COO West Wienerberger AG

Harald Schwarzmayr

COO Wienerberger Piping Solutions

100 % Recyclable Plastic Pipes from 2023

Every year the Wienerberger subsidiary Pipelife processes hundreds of thousands of tons of plastic. Many of the pipes made from these materials have a service life of 100 years and more. If recycled, the life of the material can be extended to 300 years and in some cases even longer. Since 2010, the company has increased its use of recycled material by more than 200%.

We are constantly working to broaden our sustainability goals. Currently, nine out of ten plastic pipes are already recyclable or reusable. From 2023 this will be true of all new products.

Mark von Loon

Senior Vice President Corporate Sustainability & Innovation at Wienerberger

As a member of The European Plastic Pipes and Fittings Association (TEPPFA), Wienerberger also supports the goals of the EU Plastics Strategy: to ensure that by 2025 ten million tons of recycled plastics find their way into new products on the EU market.

Product Innovation at the Local Level

To reduce plastic waste many local Pipelife teams set their own targets which go beyond those defined internationally. The Durofort sewage and stormwater pipe from Pipelife Netherlands is made completely from recycled materials and won the RIONED Innovation Award 2021. The team at Pipelife Sweden developed a new pipe based on recycled and entirely fossil free (bio-attributed) PVC. Pipelife Bulgaria in turn manufactures ECOCorr – a corrugated waste and stormwater pipe made of 100% recycled polyethylene (PE).

Demand: Raise Industry Standard for Recycling

By increasing recycling and reducing plastic waste, Wienerberger supports the circular economy in Europe. This is a key priority of the European Green Deal which has set a target of net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050. 

Developing the market for recycled products and recycled raw material at the European level has a huge impact on waste reduction. It is up to lawmakers to proactively raise the general industry standard.

Harald Schwarzmayr, COO West Wienerberger AG

Harald Schwarzmayr

COO Wienerberger Piping Solutions


Claudia Hajdinyak

Claudia Hajdinyak

Head of Corporate Communications

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