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Settlement with photovoltaic roofs © Exasun
Press Release

Wienerberger enters into strategic partnership with Dutch solar panel producer Exasun

19. November 2021
  • Wienerberger concludes exclusive sales agreement for photovoltaic solutions, consistently continuing its value-creating growth strategy
  • With an enlarged product portfolio, Wienerberger increases its share of sustainable solutions for the entire building envelope and provides future-oriented energy concepts

Vienna – Wienerberger today announced its entry into a strategic partnership with Exasun, a producer of solar panels. As of January 1, 2022, Wienerberger will be the exclusive distributor of Exasun’s innovative building-integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) systems (X-tile and X-roof) in Europe. This partnership is perfectly in line with the Wienerberger Group’s strategy aimed at increasing its share of solutions for the entire building envelope. The intensified focus on new business in the roofing segment will further advance Wienerberger’s transformation into a provider of fully integrated, energy-efficient systems. 

This partnership is a unique strategic opportunity for Wienerberger to increase its share of solutions for the building envelope by broadening its product portfolio in the roofing segment and, at the same time, to play a greater role in the transformation of the residential market, with more and more households being supplied with green electricity. This partnership is a perfect fit for our growth strategy and fully in line with our sustainability targets.

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Exasun is currently going through a major growth phase and has been looking for a strategic investor and business partner. In this respect, Wienerberger is the ideal partner, with a business platform that promotes growth and the development of innovative solutions. Most recently, Wienerberger France cooperated with Exasun in the development of a photovoltaic solution that can easily be combined with Wienerberger’s Actua roof tiles. The market launch in France is scheduled for Q1 2022, the objective being to broaden the range of solutions in the future. Since mid-2021, Wienerberger’s first own photovoltaic solutions, based on the innovative Alegra 10 Wevolt solar roof tile, have been on offer in the Netherlands. The partnership with Exasun will contribute to the consistent further expansion of Wienerberger's solutions portfolio and roofing business, starting in the Netherlands and to be followed by the roll-out to other European countries.

On a larger scale, double-digit growth rates have been forecast for photovoltaics in Europe. The EU has a clear goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2050 and plans to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by at least 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels and achieve a renewable energy share of at least 32%. Among the renewables, photovoltaic installations will be the second most important source of electricity generation, ranking a close second behind wind power. Wienerberger is determined to do its utmost to support the sustainable transformation of the worldwide electricity sector by designing smart and innovative solutions.

To facilitate and further accelerate future growth, Wienerberger Netherlands will take over the current entire Exasun BIPV product portfolio as the exclusive distributor as of 2022, thus opening up direct access to project business for Exasun.

About Exasun

Exasun is an innovative Dutch developer and producer of top-quality building integrated glass-glass photovoltaic systems with a high degree of efficiency and long service life. In recent years, Exasun developed its highly advanced production line in The Hague in close cooperation with suppliers, research institutions and leading Dutch mechanical engineers. The company provides with X-roof an innovative and universal solution for all kind of roof coverings and with X-tile a system that matches in size and in design of various roof tile models. The company’s proprietary color technology can be applied to both systems, ensuring perfect integration with the surrounding roof landscape, aesthetic requirements of historical environments or modern architecture.


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