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Wienerberger provides rapid assistance to earthquake victims in Croatia

21. January 2021

Vienna – Following the severe earthquake in Croatia, Wienerberger has leapt into action to provide immediate assistance to people in the hardest hit areas and to support the rapid reconstruction of the physical infrastructure. 

We are deeply saddened by the tragic loss of life and appalling destruction suffered by our Croatian neighbors. In this situation it is only natural that we wish to help those in need as quickly as possible by providing them with construction materials from our company – as a manufacturer that is the least we can do. The first priority now is to ensure that all those who have lost their homes and are now having to live in housing containers are supplied with clean drinking water and have access to an intact waste-water disposal system. We are therefore making deliveries of our Pipelife piping systems and in doing so are supporting those who need help most urgently. In addition, we immediately sent supplies of building material to the most severely hit regions to help with the repair and reconstruction of the houses that have been damaged.

Heimo Scheuch


Wienerberger’s emergency aid initiative has so far provided approximately 150 tonnes of Porotherm clay blocks, clay roof tiles and 8,500 Pipelife pipes plus 800 pipe fittings and joints free of charge. This ensures that aid is provided to those who are homeless and creates the basis for an organized reconstruction of the areas that have been destroyed. Wienerberger has closely collaborated with the local authorities to enable the swift delivery of the urgently needed materials.

The company’s employees are also providing support. In the next few weeks, staff at Wienerberger Croatia and Slovenia, Semmelrock and Pipelife will be collecting donations of food, hygiene articles, and other necessary items.

Earthquake-Resistant Construction with Wienerberger

Following the rapid initial aid, Wienerberger will also be actively involved in the phase of organized reconstruction in the affected areas. Together with partners, we will build new houses that meet the highest standards in terms of earthquake resistance. As a leading international supplier of smart solutions for the entire building envelope and infrastructure, the company has a first-class portfolio of earthquake-resistant construction materials that were developed and optimized for precisely this area of application.

Our primary objective is to continuously improve people’s quality of life. One aspect of this is making it possible for people to live and work safely in places at high risk of seismic events. We will make an important contribution to reconstruction with our highly innovative and safest solutions in Croatia too.

Heimo Scheuch


With three plants and more than 300 employees in Croatia, the Wienerberger Group is a leading supplier of bricks, roof tiles, concrete pavers and piping systems.

Claudia Hajdinyak

Claudia Hajdinyak

Head of Corporate Communications

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