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Wienerberger as a leading provider of energy and water management solutions in the Nordics

03. May 2021
  • Wienerberger’s Strategy 2023 aims to position the company as a provider of comprehensive system solutions for energy and water management in the Nordic markets
  • Wienerberger turns Pipelife plant in Sweden into the biggest pipe production unit of the Nordics and adds a manufacturing location for specialty products in Finland
  • First all-in-one digital smart solutions through integration of Inter Act in the Nordic markets

Vienna – Wienerberger further enhances the competitive position of the Wienerberger Piping Solutions Business Unit in the Nordic markets. Along with upgrades at existing manufacturing units and the erection of a state-of-the-art flagship plant, holistic smart solutions and tailored specialty products will bring Wienerberger even closer to customers and strengthen the company’s position as a local and sustainable partner.

With its Strategy 2023, Wienerberger intends to generate added value for customers and become a full-range provider of system solutions for energy and water management. To achieve these goals, the leading provider of building materials and piping infrastructure focuses on innovation, operational excellence, M&A and portfolio extension, always keeping environmental, social and corporate governance principles in mind.

We have been leading the Northern European plastic piping sector for water and energy infrastructure for decades. In order to extend our reach and to fulfill our customers’ needs even better, we are developing the pipe and fittings production site in Ljung, Sweden, into the biggest pipe production unit in the Nordics.

Heimo Scheuch


Increasing product size and production capacity

Wienerberger is strengthening its regional pipe production network by extending and upgrading its production plant in Ljung, Sweden. Once finalized in mid-2023, the new flagship factory in Ljung, Sweden, will be the largest pipe factory in the region – more than double its current size and with triple production capacity. Located in the heart of the Nordics, Pipelife will reach 75% of Norway’s, Sweden’s and Denmark’s population within a radius of 300-400 kilometers. With state-of-the-art production technology, Pipelife will be able to accommodate the increasing need for infrastructure piping systems in urban areas such as Stockholm, Goteborg, Copenhagen, and Oslo. An investment in production capacity for extra-large pipes of up to 3.6 meters in diameter will enable the company to meet even the most demanding requirements in terms of size.

More and more cities and municipalities invest in climate adaptation measures in response to the effects of climate change. In particular, flood and overflow prevention have become essential for urban development projects.

To sustainably protect people and assets from climate damage, our clients need stormwater infrastructures with bigger capacities. By offering even larger stormwater infrastructure, more XL pipe diameters, bigger retention tanks and remotely monitored pumping stations, we can provide comprehensive solutions tailored exactly to the needs of forward-looking cities and municipalities.

Heimo Scheuch


To meet the growing need for extra-large specialty solutions in the Nordics, Wienerberger is also investing significantly into a brand-new specialty production site in Vantaa, Finland. The new plant close to Helsinki focuses on the manufacturing of specialized products, such as smart pumping stations, device chambers and tanks of up to 3.6 meters in diameter.

Market potential: Development of smart solutions

A further market potential identified and tapped into by Wienerberger is the development of comprehensive smart solutions.

Water utilities and municipalities are struggling with the growing complexities of digitalization, asset management and the fact that they do not receive one complete solution from a single supplier. With the successful integration of Inter Act in our Nordic markets, we are now able to sell all-in-one solutions comprising the assets as well as the technology, the software and cloud services.

Heimo Scheuch


  • Pipelife’s production plant in Ljung, Sweden
    Pipelife’s production plant in Ljung, Sweden
    Pipelife Sweden
  • roboter, man with yellow jacket
    Ongoing investments into digitalization and automatization at Pipelife’s Nordic plants, particularly at Norwegian plant Surnadal
    Pipelife Norway
  • forklift with large pipes
    The new Finnish production site Vantaa in Finland’s Capital Region focuses on the manufacture of specialized products such as smart pumping stations, device chambers, tank solutions, etc. up to 3.6 meters in diameter.
    Pipelife Finland