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Apfelbäume auf Blumenwiese neben Ziegellagerplatz © Ruud Morijn Photographer/Shutterstock.
Press Release

Wienerberger implements its ambitious biodiversity program

07. February 2022
  • Biodiversity as a crucial pillar of Wienerberger’s sustainability program
  • Catalogue of biodiversity measures developed in cooperation with external experts

Vienna – As a worldwide innovation leader, Wienerberger is fully aware of its global responsibility and aligns its entrepreneurial decisions with the Group’s ambitious sustainability targets. Within the framework of its Sustainability Program 2023, which won the 2021 ASRA Award, the Wienerberger Group assumes responsibility for people and the environment. Complying with strict ESG (environmental, social, governance) criteria, Wienerberger contributes to a healthy global ecosystem and, at the same time, supports the European Green Deal 2050 for a better future. In line with its value-creating growth course, Wienerberger has now taken its commitment to biodiversity to a higher level and developed its own catalogue of biodiversity measures.

By 2023, measures to foster biodiversity will be taken at more than 200 Wienerberger production sites. The catalogue of measures elaborated in cooperation with external experts provides the basis for the implementation of site-specific biodiversity action plans at all Wienerberger production and office sites. First steps are already being taken at a number of sites, such as Wiener Neudorf. The fundamental idea of the action plans is to optimize land use in both rural and urban areas, fight against the loss of biodiversity, and contribute to the restoration of ecosystems. Based on six pilot projects successfully implemented in 2021, 50 biodiversity action plans will be drawn up in the course of 2022, to be followed by another 150 in 2023.  

Over the past 40 years, the world has seen an unprecedented loss of biodiversity. As a leading international provider of building material and infrastructure solution, we feel duty-bound not only to supply sustainable products, but also to do our utmost to protect the environment and generate sustainable growth. All our entrepreneurial activities therefore are in line with our ESG criteria. We are convinced that with our biodiversity program, an essential pillar of the Wienerberger Sustainability Program 2023, we are making an active contribution and ensuring that future generations have the same opportunities as we have today.

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


For quite some time, Wienerberger has been actively involved in efforts aimed at fostering biodiversity and preserving the natural environment. Best-practice examples include beehives for 80,000 bees on the roof of Wienerberger’s headquarters in Vienna and the renaturing of depleted clay pit. The new catalogue of measures is now taking the topic of biodiversity to a new level, the objective being to tap the maximum potential through scientifically founded action plans tailored to the conditions of each individual site. The key points covered by the biodiversity action plans include planted vegetation, water management, and soil management. Numerous measures are being recommended, such as the greening of façades for temperature regulation, forest strips for water storage and as a habitat for birds, bats, and insects, or ponds for amphibians, reptiles and butterflies, as well as cooperation with nature conservation bodies or the use of water-permeable pavers at Wienerberger sites.

The company’s employees will be involved in the implementation of the action plans in order to heighten their awareness of the importance of intact biodiversity. Moreover, Wienerberger’s commitment to biodiversity is being strengthened through the creation of the new role of a biodiversity ambassador for each site.

The Wienerberger Biodiversity Program contains a detailed description of the measures planned. It is and can be viewed here.


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