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Press Release

Wienerberger takes over prefabrication plant from Walzer Bausysteme

15. June 2022
  • Wienerberger broadens its product portfolio by taking over the prefab brick wall business from Walzer, a construction company based in Lower Austria
  •  The transaction boosts regional value creation in Austria and enhances Wienerberger’s solution competence in its core segments of new build and renovation

Vienna – By taking over the prefab brick wall business from Walzer, a construction company based in Lower Austria, Wienerberger is expanding its operations in Austria. With this transaction, the company is taking yet another step toward becoming a full-range provider of system solutions and further strengthening its leading position in this field. Together with the prefab brick wall segment of Walzer Bausysteme, Wienerberger also takes over the complete production site at Kirchberg am Wagram (Lower Austria) and its entire workforce.

Given Walzer’s expertise in the production of innovative prefabricated brick walls, Wienerberger anticipates significant future growth potential. Thanks to the sustainable expansion of its product portfolio, Wienerberger positions itself as the market leader, providing optimal solutions for large and small projects, wherever speed combined with quality of execution is essential to enhance customer convenience. 

“By taking over the Walzer prefab brick wall plant, we are broadening our product portfolio and increasing the diversity of services and solutions. The combination of our innovative, sustainable and regionally produced bricks with the most advanced prefabrication technologies enables us to deliver top-quality prefab assemblies and ensures the highest possible level of efficiency. We can now offer our partners and customers all-in solutions on a one-stop-shop basis and further consolidate our position as a full-range provider in the new build and renovation segments.”

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Daniel Hinterramskogler

The prefab brick wall division of Walzer Bausysteme specializes in brick wall systems that are individually designed for fully automatic prefabrication, using top-quality precision-ground bricks and a patented dry-bonding procedure. Openings for windows and doors as well as recesses for lintels and overlays are taken into account during production. This eliminates the need for time-consuming cutting and processing of bricks at the construction site, reduces the volume of construction waste, and minimizes waste disposal costs.

At the same time, the dimensionally accurate fitting of doors and windows prevents cold bridges and avoids energy losses during heating and cooling phases. With this portfolio, Wienerberger is in a position to win new customer groups in a dynamic environment and demonstrate its superior expertise by enhancing the efficiency of construction processes through digitalization.   

About Walzer Bausysteme

A family business operating from Retz in Lower Austria, Walzer has for 60 years supported homebuilders in realizing their dreams throughout the entire construction process – from the planning and design phase to the organization of partners and trades to the implementation of the project. Moreover, prefabricated walls made from Wienerberger bricks are produced at the company’s production site at Kirchberg am Wagram by means of the most advanced and fully automatic prefabrication technology.

The contracting parties agreed not to disclose the purchase price.


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