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diverse people in a production hall © Daniel Hinterramskogler
Press Release

Some 60 different nationalities represented among Wienerberger’s employees

01. September 2022
  • Diversity is nothing new for Wienerberger. On the contrary, it has long been at the center of the company’s human resources development.
  • Job grading provides the basis for objective assessment and fair remuneration
  • Measures aimed at promoting diversity and inclusion also result in higher number of women in executive positions

Vienna – Wienerberger regards its own employees as the most important success factor for the further development of the company. In this respect, the company not only feels duty-bound to meet high national and international standards, but also assumes a special responsibility for fostering its corporate values, such as respect and trust, at all its locations worldwide.

Integration is a top priority for Wienerberger at its production sites in North America and Europe. The company supports people in building a new life, facilitates their integration into the work process, and promotes their steady advancement within the company through its comprehensive corporate initial and further training program. Within the framework of further training measures, employees all over the world obtain the necessary qualifications to assume new functions and tasks in the company and advance in their careers at both vertical and horizontal levels. 

"We are convinced that our sustainable economic success is based on the diversity, the skills, and the commitment of our employees, as well as our corresponding corporate values and culture. For Wienerberger, this means bringing together people of any gender with different talents, personality traits, backgrounds and cultures. At our headquarters in Vienna alone, we employ people from 31 countries. The resulting diversity of skills and the internationality of our teams also reflect the diversity of our customers, investors, business partners, and markets. This strengthens our innovative spirit and makes us fit to address the challenges of a dynamically developing business environment."

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Daniel Hinterramskogler

Through targeted human resources management and the further training of its staff and executives, Wienerberger has succeeded in continuously increasing the number of women in white-collar positions and in top management, including at Managing Board level. To this end, the company introduced a recruiting process where women are always viewed equally for a position when qualifications and education requirements are equivalent. As part of the company’s diversity management, methods aimed at objectively evaluating a given position and developing a fair remuneration strategy are being employed. Within the framework of the job grading system introduced for this purpose, the requirements of specific positions are compared and, at the same time, gender-based inequalities in payment are prevented. However, diversity is more than a gender issue for Wienerberger. Rather, the company’s goal is to be as diverse as possible and include people with different nationalities in decision-making processes. This applies to all levels of the company, from project teams to the Supervisory Board.

For Wienerberger, promoting a culture that reflects these principles is part of its corporate responsibility. In line with its ambitious ESG strategy, Wienerberger has also adopted its own Code of Conduct as a binding guideline for all employees, partners, and suppliers, which sets out how everyone should behave and act in the conduct of day-to-day business. In the event of violations, the company’s external, independent whistleblowing service enables employees, customers, suppliers, and partners to express their concerns confidentially and anonymously at any time.

The Wienerberger Group plans to further strengthen its commitment to diversity on an ongoing basis and has therefore set itself the goal of implementing a comprehensive catalog of measures. These include mentoring programs with a focus on diversity and inclusion as well as the promotion of paternity leave and the introduction of diversity training as part of the executive development programs. In addition, a Diversity Charter is to be rolled out throughout the company.


Claudia Hajdinyak © Daniel Hinterramskogler

Claudia Hajdinyak

Head of Corporate Communications

Wienerberger AG

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