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Press Release

wienerberger invests in Austrian energy-sharing platform "eFriends"

24. January 2024
  • wienerberger supports the development of innovative energy management solutions for solar power
  • Energy-sharing regime launched by eFriends enables efficient use of decentralized energy sources

Vienna – By 2023, the share of energy from renewable sources in gross energy consumption in the EU is to reach at least 32%. To achieve this target, the growing use of solar energy will play a central role. Moreover, as building electrification is increasing and the number of decentralized energy producers is on the rise, solutions for effective and efficient energy management are continuously gaining in importance. As a full-range provider of photovoltaic roof solutions, wienerberger actively supports the transition to renewable energy and, at the same time, advances solutions for efficient energy management.

By investing in eFriends, wienerberger supports a decentralized energy-sharing business model. eFriends provides a platform technology that enables users to share self-produced solar power with other users in real time via an app. Anyone producing a surplus of energy can use the app to notify its surplus and offer electricity for sharing. Consumers finding these offers in the app connect with the producer and electricity can flow. eFriends itself acts as an electricity provider, thus enabling local energy producers to participate more directly in the electricity market, which in turn contributes to grid stabilization through regional marketing.

Besides wienerberger, VERBUND X Ventures and Rockstart, a venture capital fund, also participated in the capital raising round. Other investors in eFriends include Raiffeisen Ware Austria (RWA). With this investment, eFriends aims to take new growth steps and open up the energy sharing model to more companies and industrial operators. This will result in holistic community approaches that create a better balance between local energy demand and supply.

As internationally operating companies with firm local roots, wienerberger and eFriends share a common vision: improving people's quality of life and creating a desirable future for generations to come. wienerberger is convinced that a sustainable society communicating across borders needs new ways of cooperation based on shared values. Through its investment in eFriends, wienerberger supports the advancement of this trend. 

"The overall increase in demand for energy, not least due to a growing world population, and the challenges associated with climate change demand innovations in the entire energy sector. To provide people with a self-sufficient and sustainable system of energy supply, wienerberger is focusing on future-oriented solutions, such as the energy-sharing technology from eFriends. We are looking forward to further developing this achievement together."

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Daniel Hinterramskogler

As a leading provider of innovative and ecological solutions for the entire building envelope in the fields of new build and renovation as well as infrastructure for water and energy management, wienerberger already offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet its customers' needs and is actively participating in the development and implementation of sustainable and innovative energy technologies.


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Claudia Hajdinyak

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