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wienerberger Annual and Sustainability Report 2023 © Uwe Strasser
Press Release

Shaping the future of construction – wienerberger’s 2023 annual and sustainability report published online

25. March 2024

Vienna – In a volatile and challenging economic environment, wienerberger can look back on a positive business year 2023. With total revenues of € 4.2 billion and operating EBITDA of € 811 million generated in 2023, wienerberger outperformed its end markets and met expectations. These solid results are primarily based on wienerberger’s strong performance in the infrastructure (piping business for water and energy management) and renovation business as well as proactive cost management and demonstrate the resilience of the company’s sustainable and diversified business model. 

Value-creating acquisitions strengthen the portfolio

In 2023 wienerberger adhered to its value-creating growth strategy and remained focused on organic growth through innovation and an increasing share of system solutions in its portfolio as well as growth through selected value-accretive corporate acquisitions. Strategic acquisitions completed in 2023 include the two Danish companies Komproment ApS and Strøjer Group, broadening wienerberger’s sustainable range of innovative façade solutions. Another increase of market shares in Scandinavia was accomplished by the takeover of Wideco Sweden, enlarging wienerberger’s portfolio of water and energy management solutions. Additionally, wienerberger successfully closed the largest corporate acquisition in the company’s history at the end of February 2024. The takeover of Terreal, a successful European provider for the renovation and repair of roofs in France, Italy, Spain, and the USA as well as Creaton in Germany, strengthens wienerberger’s position as leading European pitched-roof expert. The acquisition is expected to generate additional revenues of approximately € 725 million and increase wienerberger’s exposure to the fast-growing renovation and repair market.

Expanded sustainability program 2026 and top ESG ratings

After wienerberger achieved the goals of its 2023 sustainability program, these were extended to 2026 and made even more ambitious in the environmental sphere, particularly with regard to a further reduction in emissions and the promotion of a circular economy. The 2026 sustainability program includes new targets for water and waste management. In addition, wienerberger will generate 75% of its total revenue from building products contributing to net zero buildings by 2026, such as integrated roof solutions, exterior walls and façades, heating and cooling solutions and systems for the use of solar energy. wienerberger is also committed to promoting diversity and inclusion as part of its new social goals.

“The fact that our Sustainability Program 2023 has been a success motivates us to increase our efforts. With this next iteration, we expand existing targets and add new ones. Sustainability has always been an integral part of wienerberger’s corporate strategy, as we provide sustainable solutions for housing construction, energy-efficient renovation, as well as water and energy management.”

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Daniel Hinterramskogler

The achievements of wienerberger’s continuous sustainability efforts in 2023 have been acknowledged by global leading ESG rating agencies, giving the company top scores.

Shaping the future with innovative strength

With its commitment to sustainability, its focus on innovation and operational excellence as well as through acquisitions and the optimization of its portfolio, wienerberger is continuously setting new standards on its journey to becoming a leading provider of innovative and ecological solutions for the entire building envelope in the areas of new construction and renovation as well as infrastructure for water and energy management. By offering innovative solutions, supported by modern cutting-edge technology, wienerberger is helping to reduce emissions, save natural resources and mitigate the effects of climate change on people and the environment.

Discover our vision of a sustainable future in our Annual Report and Sustainability Report 2023 and learn from concrete examples how wienerberger is turning its ambitions into reality.

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