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Anyone wanting to build or renovate a roof, knows that expert planning and implementation is essential. This is where roofers come in. To support these professionals, Wienerberger has developed a digital roof planning tool, All4Roof. In late May 2021, the innovative solution will be available in Austria as well as in Belgium.

laptop, man typing, All4roof
The name says it all: All4Roof covers everything to do with the roof – from roof tiles to ceramic and non-ceramic accessories.
© Brad Neathery

High Demands on Roof Systems

Planning a roof is an extremely complex task. Among the many factors that have to be taken into consideration are the roof shape, geographical parameters, the model of roof tile used as well as the normative and building regulations. A roofer will generally use a wide range of different programs and tools to achieve the desired result - fortunately, All4Roof makes this process both faster and easier.

“All4Roof shortens the time-consuming planning process. Roofers are able to quickly provide their customers with a comprehensive quote that includes all necessary materials”, explains Cor Vis, Market Manager Indirect Sales for Wienerberger Building Solutions. All4Roof is the first end-to-end digital tool for roofers in Europe that combines all important information and functions for roofing professionals: from calculating the roof geometry to a detailed calculation of the roofing materials needed and drawing up quotes.

All4Roof shortens the time-consuming planning process. Roofers are able to quickly provide their customers with a comprehensive quote that includes all necessary materials.

Cor Vis

Market Manager Indirect Sales for Wienerberger Building Solutions

Effortless Online Planning and Implementation

Wienerberger’s All4Roof is a digital platform that offers a wide range of functions. The roofer defines the location of the project with Google Maps and automatically receives exact figures for sea level, wind, and snow load resistance. Another stand-out feature: Calculations of the roofing materials required as well as snow and wind drift safety values can be easily exported and stored. Once the roofer has finished the calculation, he can send the customer a personalized quote with a click of the mouse.

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A field test: Even before the market launch in Austria, All4Roof was well received by roofers.
© David Aldrian

Belgium, Austria, and Other Countries

Following its launch in Belgium, All4Roof for roofers will be rolled out in Austria at the end of May 2021. “During the trial phase, the solution was presented to various roofers who all gave us very positive feedback. Our team is therefore confident the tool will make work a lot easier for roofing professionals, says David Aldrian who is responsible for Product Management Roof and Technical Consulting at Wienerberger.

Wienerberger employs a raft of marketing measures to reach roofers. “From newsletters to virtual events, we use personal contact and discussion to persuade as many customers as possible of the benefits of our product”, explains Cor Vis. Plans are already underway to rollout All4Roof across other European markets such as France, the United Kingdom, Poland, Slovenia, and the Netherlands. Furthermore, new functions are constantly being added to the digital platform to add value for roofers.

Wienerberger continuously works to develop innovative solutions that drive digitalization.

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