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Press Release

Wienerberger takes proactive measures to ensure sustained performance of its business and safety of all stakeholders

19. March 2020

In these challenging times, Wienerberger is committed to the sustained performance of our business and the health and safety of all our employees, customers, partners and all other stakeholders.

To ensure that our objectives are met and to continue to supply all our customers with our products and solutions to the best of our abilities,  we wish to notify investors of the following proactive measures which we firmly believe will support Wienerberger’s continued success:

  • Wienerberger’s digital solutions are enabling us to support interactions with our customers and partners and ensure uninterrupted deliveries of our products.
  • Our strong balance sheet and liquidity position, combined with a cash flow performance in line with our business expectations so far in 2020, enable Wienerberger to operate from a position of strength.
  • Our strong local presence enables us to rapidly assess critical decision inputs on a real-time basis. Currently, Wienerberger is producing and delivering its products in all of its 30 countries in compliance with strict safety and hygiene rules. Throughout this period Wienerberger’s Board and Management will continue to review our cost structures and investments to ensure that our strategy is fully aligned with changing market conditions.
  • Wienerberger is paying close attention to the situation in all our markets in order to implement the respective government-imposed measures throughout the Group. In addition, our Board and Management has established a Business Resilience Team who will provide ongoing advice and enable us to react quickly and sustainably. Where needed, we will be implementing swift and forward-looking adjustments to our production on a market-by-market basis as necessary.

At Wienerberger, we are confident that we have the right skills and infrastructure to cope with this major economic challenge. We remain committed to taking the right measures and have the flexibility to do so thanks to our strong financial position. We will continue to work in close cooperation with all our stakeholders to protect our business, employees and customers.