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brick architecture with plants © Rafael Gamo
Press Release

Brick Award: honoring innovative brick architecture from all over the world

18. April 2023
  • 743 submissions for the 11th edition of the Brick Award
  • Submissions from 54 countries from six continents demonstrate internationality of the architectural prize
  • The Brick Award is an international established award for outstanding, modern, innovative and sustainable brick architecture

Vienna – Wienerberger AG is proud to once again announce numerous submissions from all over the world this year: 743 submissions from 54 countries and six continents clearly demonstrate the popularity of the Brick Award as well as its international relevance. Since 2004, the award has been honoring the most outstanding projects of brick architecture from all over the world every two years. 

"The Brick Award shines a spotlight on modern and sustainable brick architecture and gives architects from all over the world the opportunity to submit their work and showcase their outstanding creative skills. Among the numerous entries, the jury does not consider whether the project was built with Wienerberger products, but rather the innovative design, architectural concept, aesthetics, sustainability, climate resilience, energy efficiency and affordable living are the evaluation criteria. As Wienerberger, we are very proud to host this independent biennial award and are delighted by its popularity and high participation."

Heimo Scheuch

Heimo Scheuch


Daniel Hinterramskogler

In total, there are five categories assigned to the Brick Award, varying slightly depending on the year and the development of trends and current topics. An independent, international jury selects the winners within the categories including one Grand Prize winner. The "Feeling at home" category accounted for the highest number of submissions at 28%, closely followed by the second most submitted category “Living together” with 27% and “Sharing public spaces” (25%). Further categories are “Working together” and “Building outside the box”.

From all submissions a jury of internationally renowned architects, architecture critics, developers and journalists pre-selects the 50 most outstanding projects, which will be published in the Brick 24 book in June 2024. Evaluation criteria include an innovative design, architectural concept, sustainability aspects as well as clever and innovative use of bricks. The winning projects of the categories and the overall winner of the Award will be revealed in a grand ceremony in Vienna in spring 2024.

More information on the Brick Award can be found on


Claudia Hajdinyak © Daniel Hinterramskogler

Claudia Hajdinyak

Head of Corporate Communications

Wienerberger AG

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